Press Start: My Monster Hunter adventures may be coming to an end

After spending five weeks constantly playing Monster Hunter: World, Gazette gaming columnist Jake Magee writes it’s time for him to move on.

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InTheZoneAC233d ago

I only took a break this week to finish D2 faction ornaments (hadn't played in over a month) then I wanted to only play overwatch this week since it's the final week of the current event.

Themba76233d ago

i agree with this article when I realized when i was done was when I single handedly captered 2 tempered bezelguese and i said it was time to move on to other games

boderock232d ago

2 tempered bazel is easy, did you do the bosses?solo? i have one to kill val in 15 min and faint only once is pretty challenge

Scar-232d ago (Edited 232d ago )

Lol I just hunted 2 tempered bezelguese and it is no where near the hardest quest in the game.

Themba76232d ago (Edited 232d ago )

yep sure did in fact you can solo the entire game and its actually easier solo its harder multi

Evaproject232d ago

this is the 1st mission after beating the last boss isn't? there's tons of more challenging hunt after that

dila232d ago

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boderock232d ago

depend on with who you're playing with, if its a bunch of noobs that keep dying than yes mp is harder but if it's experienced players no i don't agree mp is a very easy, have you tried the azure in the arena at the gathering hub solo? i died a lot trying to get those coins and i always go solo, just look on youtube there's almost no videos doing the azure solo most of all are coop, which i post my own video on youtube going solo

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zerocarnage233d ago

Good for him,I'll carry on.

Servbot41233d ago

I wish the horrible droprates for weapon augments was adjusted. I'm never going to complete even one Bow, much less my full set of elements, and I have Sword&Shield to do as well. Makes me not even want to play, as its just repeating the same easy tempered elders getting the same garbage decorations.

PurpHerbison233d ago

I love that I will always have something to work on. Maxing out should be for those that put the time in.

Dravidian232d ago

Are you soloing?
IIRC multiplayer has harder monsters and better drops.

BlackDoomAx232d ago (Edited 232d ago )

You know there are 14 different weapons ? You only played one and you're quiting ? Try a few some more. Also try different sets of armor, with less defensive skills. Then go help other players with that new 'lower' gear. You also don't mention arena; you can try to do good times to each of them, trying all the different sets available. Take of break of the main huntings to do the little ones, trying to have most of the fauna and flora; some of them are rare, you must explore the maps like you won't usually. And it really is a coop game, so find a bunch of cool people to play with, and have fun with them :)

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