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Kingdom Come: Deliverance takes place in Bohemia shortly after the death of the great emperor Charles IV. His son, Wenceslas, took his place and was an idle and self-indulgent leader who divided the country on being fit to rule or not. Sigismund, Wencelas’ half-brother and king of Hungary kidnapped him and raided Bohemia in his absence.

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Alexious233d ago

A fantastic game on many counts, though I would score it a little lower.

ccgr233d ago

We did on the morality score, it got 10%

TGG_overlord233d ago

The game is freaking awesome =)

Lamboomington233d ago

It got 9/10 from this reviewer because the characters keeping saying "Jesus Christ be praised" xD

jk this game is something special

Scatpants233d ago

I hated the combat in this. It's awkward and crappy feeling. No way I could see myself putting the amount of time in to play through this.

UnderDude232d ago

It's the best ever first-person melee combat in a game. What kind of combat do you like?

psplova232d ago

This. Plus it only gets better the better you get. Just like everything else people seem to complain about i.e. lockpicking, horseriding, lockpicking, brewing saviour schnapps etc. Like real life?