Looking back at 10 years of... Lost: Via Domus

Richard writes: "Lost will forever hold a place in TV history. Regarded as one of the greatest shows of all-time, it boasted the most expensive pilot episode ever and had a main cast of 14 characters, which was unheard of at the time it first aired back in 2004 – and a year later on British shores. 

It was bold and daring at the time and despite drawing to a conclusion nearly 8 years ago, nothing in my eyes has come close since. Naturally then, there were to be other forms of media for fans to engross themselves further in the mythology, and in 2008, at the height of the TV show's popularity, Lost: Via Domus was released on Xbox 360 on the 28th February in Europe."

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Fullmetalevolust826d ago

I must say the show got you hooked from the 1st season on with amazing story telling and what seemed to be an endless budget for a tv show. Alas, the last couple of seasons were lackluster, at least to me. As if they had not anticipated the ending in sight and was writing it as the show went along.

826d ago