Forza Horizon Is A Great Example Of Free 4K Upgrade On Xbox One X, Comparison Inside

Xbox One X has the ability to play some of the backward compatible games using the additional hardware power offered to render 9x the original resolution with some additional benefits. This has made games that were originally released for the Xbox 360 to jump in visual fidelity on the Xbox One X.

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FallenAngel19841371d ago

Why is the word “free” actually in the headline? As if Microsoft would ever have a consumer pay to have a 4K upgrade on the premium console they already bought.

DarkLordMalik1371d ago

Because Sony has never been generous to offer these 'free' upgrades. Same applies to other companies.

Kribwalker1371d ago

great work by the xbox team on this too

KwietStorm_BLM1371d ago

You're saying no games got updated on PS4 Pro and Xbox One X for free except these patches from Microsoft?

2pacalypsenow1371d ago

Pretty sure gamers didn't have to pay for PRO enhanced updates.

CurbStompin1371d ago

Except they’re selling PS2 games that are upscaled with trophies, which should be free if you own the original disc.

UnHoly_One1370d ago

No, PS4 Pro patches didn't cost anything, and I bet when people wrote about them, they probably used the word "free" in the title as well.

What's wrong with having the word "free" there? It's a free update, that's what it is.

kevnb1370d ago

Sony charges people to use their ps2 emulator even if you already own the game. Hackers have exposed that the all ps3s and ps4s have ps2 emulators.

Belinker3001370d ago

Umm Gt Sport has free updates and consistently too

1370d ago
Dragonscale1370d ago

@darklord, oh really lol. MS are sooooooo generous lol. And Sony NEVER does anything for PlayStation owners EVER.


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littletad1371d ago

Because we have to pay for remasters and remakes obviously. But believe it or not, publishers have considered charging customers for 4k updates to old titles because they essentially do need their development team to get together and make these enhancements. It's not just a simple flip of the switch. So that's why Microsoft is offering this to many of it's first party titles and labeling them "free," because that's exactly what the updates are... free. The other enhancments, like the ones for xbox 360 are done by their own team, without touching the game code. This was revealed in Major Nelsons link.

1370d ago
mcstorm1370d ago

Yep spot on ms said the 360 games where just a code change to work. For me I love the work both turn10 and playground do with the Forza MS and Horizon ips. For me Horizon is still the best looking open world game on any console even on the standard console but the X looks amazing even though I don't have a 4K TV it looks stunning in 1080p the same for forza 7 so can't wait to get my 4k TV later on in the year

Kumakai1371d ago (Edited 1371d ago )

most old games usually resurface as remasters to be sold as new games. ms is issuing free patches in place of a remaster that do pretty much the same thing.

TheCommentator1371d ago

I don't know if I coined the term yesterday but that's why I called the upgrades, "freemasters".

bluefox7551370d ago

But this isn't a remaster, it's a resolution boost...

starsi3601371d ago

Because they didn’t have to give the upgrade at all. They could have said “hey, we COULD do this, it’s gonna cost us a little money... but we can’t really charge for it so let’s not bother”

But MS seem to be really trying hard to adopt a customer experience focus to try and make up for the missteps since 2013. A couple more years of decisions like this and some good exclusives unveiled and they could just come back into this market with a bang.

TheRealTedCruz1370d ago (Edited 1370d ago )

Because, and not to name names, some companies prefer to up-res old titles, and then sell them at a premium.

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Cyborgg1371d ago

The microtransactions messes everything up though. Other than that the game is decent

Gazondaily1371d ago

Microttansactions messes "everything up?" Lol what a load of bull

combatcash1370d ago

LOL I find all this outrage about microtransactions humorous. FORTNITE has the most ridiculous pricing for skins,emotes, and hear. We're talking about $20 per item in many cases, and no one bats an eye lash because the game is free. Overpriced content should not be excused just because the game is free.

JackBNimble1370d ago (Edited 1370d ago )

Fortnite is also free to play... Doesn't that make MT's acceptable?

1371d ago
Cyborgg1371d ago (Edited 1371d ago )

I'm talking about Forza motorsport 7 Microtransactions reputation started to mess up this franchise

Movefasta19931371d ago

I’m sorry does horizon 1 have micro transactions?

TheCommentator1370d ago

Oh okay, that makes more sense now. Thanks for clarifying your remarks were off-topic and you're just trolling again.

NeoGamer2321370d ago

You obviously have not played or own FM7.

I have not yet purchased a single micro transaction in the game and I am finding progression through the career game to be the same or faster than previous FM games.

Just because gaming media writes it, doesn't mean it is true.

Wikkid6661370d ago

@ Cyborgg

Thanks for the off topic comment... and nice try to spread fake news about FM7. You clearly haven't played so why comment?

jmetalhead778121370d ago

That’s funny. I’ve played Forza 7 for over 100 hours, beat the game, played MP, and tons of other fun stuff and haven’t paid a dime for any micro transactions. Maybe you’re a weak minded, impulsive buyer, but I'm not. If you don’t want them, DON’T BUY THEM!!! See how simple that is?! Now, if a game is forcing you to buy them to complete the game, than you have an argument. Forza 7 does not.

NoPeace_Walker1370d ago (Edited 1370d ago )

With over 700 cars, native 4K, 60fps, and transitional weather/day night cycle at launch for FM7, what Microtransactions is needed to play and enjoy the game? 🤔

I bet Cyborgg would purchase Microtransactions for Gran Turismo 6 and praise it..if by miracle...that game has the same 4K enhanced mode and is BC on his beloved PS Pro. Without BC for PS3 racers on his system, the bare boned launch features, no 4K and lack of contents of Driveclub and GT Sport must've been hard on him...

...while Xbox One X gamers get the native 4K FM7 in Sept 17', Forza Horizon 3 native 4K enhanced Jan 18', and now native 4K Forza Horizon 1. 😂

Cyborgg1370d ago (Edited 1370d ago )

What does this have to do with Sony and GT6🤔 Forza Motorsport 7 a $60 game has Microtransactions rather you like it or not. Oh well I've decided to go with Assetto Corsa which is a better Racer imho.

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InKnight7s1371d ago

And I payed for remasteres that they are actually just ports in HD only :)

NeoGamer2321370d ago

I keep on questioning remasters.

Unless the remaster is something like Gears of War Ultimate where they literally updated the engine and the graphics together. Then, I stay away. I don't need ports to Xbox One, I want significant updates if devts and pubs are asking me for money to play the same game again.

Gman321370d ago

yup that gears of war remaster is a true remaster

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