Exploring the latest 4chan Leak Hinting at March 1st Nintendo Direct Mini For 3DS

On February 2nd, an anonymous 4chan user posted a list of announcements for a potential Nintendo Direct mini for 3DS, slated for March 1st. As to be expected with 4chan leaks, it was quickly disregarded due to the lack of evidence pointing to it being legitimate. However, earlier today an announcement was made that may point to this Nintendo Direct Mini actually being a possibility.

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Dimi1978235d ago

A new Wario Land and a remake of Link's Awakening for the 3DS would be not a surprise, considering the potential the 3DS still has. While I doubt the quality of the source, all that looks extremely likely.

DJK1NG_Gaming235d ago

Probably fake
Everyday there a Nintendo rumor. People need to learn to not fall for ever damn rumor.

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Foraoise233d ago

It says "Legend of Zelda: Awakening" not "Link's Awakening". Whether a remake or somehow a sequel, the original is my favorite zelda game of all time.

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