(Kingdom Hearts) Xion Revealed Via Artist's Rendition

Kingdom Hearts Insider writes: "Thanks to an artist's rendition of Xion, we now have our first look at the mysterious 14th member!"

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Xandet3749d ago

I thought the same thing, Mr. Colbert. In fact, if you replaced the blue hair with a reddish-brown, they would look almost identical I'd say.

MAiKU3749d ago

maybe xion is namine? like she did a complete physical change to avoid the organization? ahhh wait.... that wouldn't explain castle oblivion then... hmm...

Bnet3433749d ago (Edited 3749d ago )

I hope Kingdom Hearts comes to PS3 and not Wii. I'll be pissed.

Edit: They can make Mushroom Kingdom Hearts or whatever spinoff they want, but Kingdom Hearts 3 belongs on PS3.

mpmaley3749d ago

I own PS3+Wii and I'd rather have this come to the PS3 as well. But that will only happen is Sony pays for it or PS3 sales really start to pickup. Otherwise it will either be multiplatform or Wii only methinks.

Anarth3740d ago

I currently own all three 3rd gens. But I dont think it bloody matters if it comes out on 360 or PS3.

There HAVE been reports of it possibly being multi platform ANYWAY. Not just PS3

kg73103749d ago

Sasuke? FFvXIII prince? a chick D:?

UltimateIdiot9113749d ago

I like but I really want to hear more on KH3.

MAiKU3749d ago

They were really trying to push the memory capabilities that the ps2 dvd format discs could handle, it almost went into a double layered thing or whatever.

The Blue-Ray disc will give them plenty of room for what they want in the game plus there's the HDD, hell they probably got started on the third installment a long time ago and haven't announced anything yet.

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