Console Monster: Mega Man 9 Review

Console Monster writes: "The Blue Bomber is back! And thanks to Capcom, he's back in glorious 8-bit. This may seem like a rash move in this age of bloom and particle effects, but the creators really thought it was time for a trip down memory lane while suffering a nostalgia trip. Those who have played Mega Man 2 will know exactly what's in store for them when they boot the game up. Imaginative levels and an insane difficulty.

Dr. Light has been accused by his arch-nemesis Dr. Wiley of falling to the dark side and creating a group of robots intent on causing havoc across the city. Of course, being the faithful creation he is, Mega Man makes it his quest to clear his creator's name of these wrong doings. The story isn't so important, it just sets things up so you can go out and track down the 8 robot masters..."

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