EU DIED - Demon's Souls Servers Close Down Tomorrow

This... this is a sad one. Demon's Souls was a game that didn't get much of a reaction on release. But over the coming weeks and months, word-of-mouth spread that here was something truly special. Players soon realised that FromSoftware hadn't so much made a fantasy RPG as reinvented the genre, to the extent that Demon's Souls' framework lies beneath the subsequent Dark Souls trilogy and even Bloodborne.

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Blastoise326d ago

Amazing game, well ahead of its time. I feel lucky that I got to play it in its prime when the series was brand new and the mechanics were unheard of. Messages and invasions are standard fare now but it was really scary to be invaded back then. Dark Souls and Bloodborne are incredible but there's a special place in my heart for Demon's Souls.

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Fragnum326d ago (Edited 326d ago )

I never played Demons Souls, Not sure why it just seemed to be "The one that got away".

I've regretted not playing the game ever since.

More recently I played Bloodborne, and then Dark Souls 3 and on the back of these games I bought Scholar of the First Sin finished it and loved it.

The difficulty of these titles reminded me of the games I used to play on my rubber keyed ZX Spectrum 48k back in a time that games didn't hold your hand and skill and good luck with the (usually dodgy) collision detection were your only friends.

I really hope this game gets a remake or remaster like Dark Souls is getting later this year, so that I can enjoy the game on working servers and with a solid community experience.

killswitch80325d ago (Edited 325d ago )

this is the game Bluepoint needs to do but it probably wont happen.

iofhua325d ago

Got in a few online matches the past few days. Sad to see it go. I played this quite a bit.

RIP Demon's Souls