EA Confirms Workaround for Spore Mac Patch

Loot Ninja writes:

"I just heard back from EA with a functional workaround for installing the v1.1 patch for Spore on the Mac. I'm sure by now you've heard about all the wonderful issues with the patch. But after spending a few hours, I now have everything up and running with the newest patched version on my MacBook Pro."

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drunkpandas3683d ago

While this gets it to work, having to uninstall and reinstall the game is a pain. Hopefully they fix the issue fairly soon with a revised patch

taz80803683d ago

I am still cautious about this one and will hold off for a bit

taz80803683d ago

Funny how EA confirmed there were issues, when there were so many people saying that it was lies and there were no issues with the patch

drunkpandas3683d ago

I find it funny that they tell you a small patch takes 20 minutes or more to install. How is that acceptable?

taz80803683d ago

At least the folks over at EA patched their patch quickly. SOme other developers leave their products broken for a while and then blame the gamers.

roblef3683d ago

whew. good to know, since I was about to install Spore on my new iMac. Now I know not to mess with the patch till I hear better reports.