Kotaku Booth Showcase: Microsoft's Big Push

As you'd expect from a company that's starting to pick up a little steam in Japan, Microsoft went all-out with its booth at this year'sTGS. The booth looked bigger, they had a lot more demo units on-hand (seemed like half of them were for Star Ocean), and no other company had so liberally employed the use of booth companions.

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It's sad that they'll never win Japan,oh well gotta go more LBP reviews are coming in!!!!!!!

Tarasque3655d ago

Well your precious sony machine isn't doing so well over there either. yeah go read some reviews being that you have nothing to play.

vitz33655d ago

Lol. Kotaku isn't news. They're Microsoft's lapdog.

Radiodread3655d ago

though he probably won't see it because that's how those ps3 morons are. They can dish it out they just can't take it.