LittleBigPlanet music Final Fantasy VI Terra's Theme

This one is Terra's Theme from Final Fantasy 6.

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Skyreno3656d ago

^^ ooo WOW now thats cool

mohib-uddin79865323656d ago (Edited 3656d ago )

Final Fantasy VI made me cry (Cyan i love you and your family, shadow is amazing !)

Final Fantasy VII made me cry (I didnt care about Arieth, but damn nanakis history is intense)

Final Fantasy VIII didnt make me cry (But it had loads of scenes, more than any FF that made me go Wow thats cool)

Final Fantasy IX made me cry( At the end)

Final Fantasy X made me cry (First game to make me cry)

Final Fantasy XII is just what the shi*. (LAME LAME LAME LAME GAY)

Daver3656d ago


lolll, i agree tho FF12 was horrible, one of the worst ff

chaosatom3656d ago

was the Combat.

That's why so many played it! the way that u can assign character to do stuff made it awesome and made it fast.

Also, every monster was on the field.

I know some people think combat sucks for the game because AI takes over, but that's the beauty of the combat they implement. I liked it.

GodsHand3656d ago

Beautiful stuff. Now this is a must day one purchase for me. I really would like to see all the user generated content produced by everyone. Of course not all will be good, but at least it gives you an idea on what you can do in the game itself.

Kain813656d ago

Are the Fanboys that affraid that they Reported as spam