Top Five Female Protagonist in Gaming History

For years women in gaming have been taking a subtle back seat to the lime light in respect to gaming, while holding relevance in story line or stature in character. The female protagonist didn't really start to take flight until Tomb Raider, but since then the gaming industry has seen a strong occurrence of kick ass women in gaming, some titles perhaps you haven't even heard of. This is my top 5

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FallenAngel1984236d ago

Ah crap. I finally get excited to see my girl Velvet in a thumbnail for an article and her game isn’t even discussed in said article

Razzer235d ago

She got an honorable mention

togasugeru235d ago

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FullmetalRoyale235d ago

Well I won’t be clicking now, because of that. That crap bugs me.

FallenAngel1984235d ago

@ Raz

Since when does an honorable mention ever get made a thumbnail elsewhere

@ Full

Lmao you’re also a hardcore Velvet fan I take it

Razzer235d ago (Edited 235d ago )

I don’t know man. Maybe cuz she is hotter than the others? Seems to work for cheatcc.

FallenAngel1984235d ago

But here you only see her beautiful face in the thumbnail and not even her attire.

Even though I despise them for shortchanging her like this, I can’t blame them for promoting her alluring steely gaze.

Relientk77235d ago

Velvet is amazing

What a tease not seeing her on the list.

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PoSTedUP235d ago

glad to see yuna as an honorable mention. i loved niko in heavenly sword too. how about ellie? she kicked ass. just an awsome character and personality all around

PhoenixUp235d ago

Am I the only one to notice the person who posted this article actually had the nerve to link a Wikipedia page that just blatantly lists female videogame characters with no particular criteria?

CarlDechance235d ago (Edited 235d ago )


Scissorman82235d ago

"..for years women in gaming have been taking a subtle back seat to the lime light in respect to gaming..."

um, let's see: Samus Aran, Aya Brea Jill Valentine, Claire Redfield, Hana Tsu-Vachel, Joanna Dark, Laura (D1, D2, Enemy Zero), Jennifer Simpson & Helen Maxwell (Clock Tower), Heather Mason, Alice (American McGee's Alice), Rubi (WET), and the list goes on and on.

women take anything but a backseat when it comes to gaming. for YEARS, strong female leads were a thing in gaming.

Tross235d ago

I agree with some of this list (seriously Capcom, please bring back Jill), but it seems that the author only plays the most mainstream of games. Of all time becomes more and more difficult to justify as time progresses anyways. Besides, entire genres like JRPGs typically include at least three solid female protagonists (give or take). It's not just JRPGs either. The original Mass Effect Trilogy has more than 5 solid female leads, and that's without including Jane Shepard. The Resident Evil series itself could round out a top five female characters list.

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