Surprise - Outlast launches on the Switch eShop


We already knew that Outlast would be coming to the Switch at some point, but it seems as if we've got a happy surprise, as we've just seen that Outlast: Bundle of Terror is available right now on the eShop for £19.99 and weighs in at 5.7 GB of storage, so fans can play it right away on the hybrid console.

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TedCruzsTaint231d ago

The original was fantastic. The second ... eh.

SoulMikeY231d ago

I wish they would’ve stuck to the school more. And less chase sequences.

Strafe230d ago (Edited 230d ago )

Yeah the second game was shit. Well, maybe not shit, but no where near as good as the first. Like FEAR 2.

A huge disappointment would be the best way to describe it.

LiamCell230d ago

Let's hope Outlast 3 doesn't pull a F.E.A.R 3...

Venox2008230d ago

Great game (didnt like second though)

Segata230d ago

Really odd resolution on Switch. 1008P. No not a typo. 1008P docked. Not to be confused with 1080P.