The Nintendo Switch has me playing games I’d otherwise ignore

TheVerge - A year ago, if you had told me I’d be spending my evenings playing Payday 2 on a tablet, I wouldn’t have believed you. Yet, here I am, plugging away at a heist game that came out five years ago. Such is the power of the Nintendo Switch.

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PhoenixUp2045d ago

The only way I’d play a game I’d otherwise ignore is if it were dramatically on sale, which doesn’t happen frequently and sometimes at all on Switch.

wonderfulmonkeyman2045d ago (Edited 2045d ago )

There have actually been quite a few decent sales on Switch recently.
I'm just sad I was too broke to even take advantage of those...
But I digress; they even have a "games on sale" page on the Eshop right now, last I saw.
You should hit that up every once in a while, to see what's on offer, if that's really your only criteria for giving new games, that you haven't given a chance to before, the chance they deserve. [and by "new", I don't necessarily mean "Most recently released"]

PoSTedUP2044d ago

idk man there is just something about buying a new console or handheld in its infancy and/or unsupported stages that has you playing anything you can to justify your $300 purchase. the vita did this to me and its not a bad thing. i unexpectedly enjoyed a lot more titles than i though i would. i wouldnt have touched or now loved borderlands2 if it werent for vita. same with minecraft. now i will be checking out LA noir on switch just because of it. im completely hooked on zeldaBoTW now and i havent played a zelda game since phantom hourglass on the DS.

AmstradAmiga2044d ago

Someone hates the switch...why?

LOGICWINS2044d ago

It's not hyperbole. Changing the WAY you enjoy entertainment can suddenly make you interested in things you normally wouldn't.

I was pretty much finished with Resident Evil after RE5. Because of PS VR, I'm ready to get RE8 at launch :)

Belinker3002044d ago

I'm glad I picked up Doom for the Switch,such an enjoyable shooter and a title I wouldn't normally choose on the bigger consoles.Play's great in portable mode too.

BlackTar1872044d ago

why wouldn't you consider it on the bigger consoles? You say plays great on portable mode like you're playing it also non portable mode which confuses me even more.

Belinker3002044d ago

I think your just a confused individual all round by the sound of it,lol

Belinker3002044d ago

In regards to my comment,I don't usually play shooter's and favour rpg and driving games.I picked this up however because It had great reviews and feedback from consumers playing on the Switch.

Outlawzz2044d ago

Same here Just got it after the motion control update. Not into horror or gory monster fps games but decided to give it a shot so I could play a quality multiplayer fps on the go and I gta say Its pretty fun and runs great so far on handheld

BlackTar1872044d ago

Rocket League is awesome too. I just turn my phone into a hot spot and play rocket league when it's not my turn to drive.

BlackTar1872044d ago (Edited 2044d ago )

So do you play it in portable mode and non portable mode?

Not that confusing man. If you play it in non portable mode i was wondering why you would not get something like that on the bigger console.

Hey man you do you i guess.

Just to add this game had great reviews across the board on every console not just the switch.

Belinker3002044d ago

Both but primarily portable as I have a PS4 Pro hooked up to a 4k big screen.Switch definitely gets more use as I'm always on the move and working away.

marloc_x2044d ago

Nice playing both ways for me too.

Kill demons on my Bravia..

..pluck it out of the dock and continue at work☺

generic-user-name2044d ago

It has better reviews and feedback on non switch consoles so I don't get the logic.

Belinker3002044d ago

Oh geez can u play Doom and all those Sony games like HZD and Death Stranding handheld?

blawren42044d ago

You don't seem to understand the awesomeness of playing off TV when the needs arise. If you've never had to share a TV with someone else or wanted to play while the football game is on the background is a beautiful thing. We re willing to take less polish for these options. Simple as that. And to your statement, after playing on both the Wii U and Switch, It is hard to go back to being tied to the TV, regardless of improved power and performance. Proving that the same game on less power is still the same game. Options are what is key here.

generic-user-name2044d ago

There it is. Nintendo fans acting like home consoles have needed a handheld mode all this time.

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Skankinruby2044d ago

Lol how is this being manipulated as a good thing? It's a result of Nintendo having only 2 heavy hitters and their consumers buying random games they don't really care about to justify the console purchase

AmstradAmiga2044d ago

And yet we get articles saying why 2018 is the year to buy a Vita...

LOGICWINS2044d ago

You're missing the point. Those random games they didn't care about ENDED UP being games they cared about. How many gamers suddenly became JRPG fans because of of the Vita?

The Switch is doing the same thing...just on a bigger scale.

Prince_TFK2044d ago

If all you see from the Switch is just 2 “heavy hitter” games, then that is your fault and not Nintendo.

Outlawzz2044d ago

Idk but I have plenty of games for switch that I would consider big games like the 3 Mario's , Zelda, Splatoon, arms, pokken, the bayo pack that just released among the about 20 other games I have. I never played any of them on Wii u so it's been nothing but love for the switch. Now, on topic I have bought lots of great Indies that looked really interesting that I didn't even know were released on PS4 or Xbox. I don't really get wt u mean by "don't really care about" . Does me not knowing about their existence before the switch mean I don't actually care about them ? And If i enjoy these games that I "don't really care about", will that be frowned upon as well? Am I a poser for liking these games I "don't really care about". Idk the comment just sounds a little salty and premature

Belinker3002044d ago

Bayonetta 3,Ridge racer 8,Metroid Prime 4 confirmed and rumouredSmash Bros (port with new content)Ong with Wolfenstein NC....umm plenty more than what Xbox have

Belinker3002044d ago

Microsoft literally have 2 heavy hitters,I think you mixing up consoles

wonderfulmonkeyman2044d ago

Saying it only has two heavy hitters just marks your comment down as flame-bait, or trolling.
What's funny is how desperate you are to spin this as a BAD thing, when it's getting more gamers to give more money to publishers that deserve to have their games looked at.