Linger in Shadows: The Experience

ZTGD: "Pieced together by Plastic, the demoscene (a tech demo intended to display the skills of a demo team) Linger in Shadows is a unique product for any console, and doesn't let you forget it for a moment. The project is all yours for $2.99 (£1.99) including over a dozen Trophies. The first game - I'm sorry, "experience" - that will take me less time to play (experience?) than to write about, Linger in Shadows lasts just seven minutes - so I experienced the crap out of it."

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ThatCanadianGuy3659d ago

I love this "Thing"? It's amazing! I hope Sony gets more of these soon!

Szarky3659d ago

I already messaged about it on the PS Blog and e-mailed Plastic themselves about how much I loved it. I could see how many people would not understand it or be bored.

At first I didn't get it. I was stubborn and kept experimenting and by the end I loved it. I hope more unique pieces like this get released.

SL1M DADDY3658d ago

And I am not sure if I am the only one but it took me 7 minutes just to understand what I was suposed to do and not to mention you have to go through it twice if you watch or linger. The demoscene is slick if you ask me and my kids absolutely loved it.

Raoh3659d ago

i agree, i hope sony gets more stuff like this. i hope the people involved get an offer from sony for something permanent as well.

PimpHandStrong3659d ago

once you get past "its not a game" you can find enjoyment

himdeel3659d ago

...and it was like a trippy puzzle game. It took me almost an hour to get all the trophies for it. 100% baby! Not everyone will enjoy it but I for one found it well worth the time and money it cost to experience this piece of interactive art.

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