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Bayonetta is back with the amazing followup to the critically acclaimed 2009 game. In the sequel, there are bigger monsters, more combos, more areas to explore, and shorter hair. The best part is that all of this can now be taken on the go.

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InTheZoneAC329d ago

Maybe I'm wrong and it is great, I just get the feeling some of these game reviews for the switch get the Nintendo treatment. Some come across as fake as hell.

AnalogStickGaming324d ago

I guess it just comes down to what you like, and want from the game. I personally gave it a perfect score. I just flat out loved it. I've completed the game almost 3 times now and will easily go through it again.

solvemymaze326d ago

It's a fantastic game for the Switch. Maybe a bit too frantic for the bus, though.