Age of Booty (PSN) Due October 16

The PlayStation 3 will be receiving some Booty on Thursday, October 16, as the game formerly known as "Plunder" will be hitting the PlayStation Store this week.

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Overr8ed3684d ago

OMGBBQ!!! 1 day exclusive on XBL. I am going to buy it on XBL because of a less than 24 hr delay. hahaha PS3 is the delaystation.

CrippleH3684d ago

Title sounds like a porno.

DARKTRINITYxxx3684d ago (Edited 3684d ago )

LOL what a looser Overr8ed. We aint getting it the day after you because its delayed. Were getting it the day after you because its thursday and thursdays is the day the PSN store get updated with its weekley PSN games.demos etc. What a dumbass LOL. Im sooo linking this so more people can see what a idiot you are lol. Oh and just incase ure thicker then what i already think you are the 16th is on what day can you guess ? yes thats right its a THURSDAY. Consider ureself well and truly pwned

JonahFalcon3683d ago

Hi! Need $2 for a sense of humor?