5 Games You'll Never Touch/Play In Your Life

Raff: No matter how awesome games are, there will always be a bunch you’ll never ever for never ever, and I mean NEVER, touch your whole life. Why? Because I’ll tell you so.

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PhoenixUp286d ago

I’ll never be able to play Conker’s Bad Fur Day unfortunately

OT79285d ago

I borrowed a Xbox from a friend when it was released for first time many yeras ago.
Glad I did it,the game is so funny and awesome. Perhaps you can do the same with the Rare Collection.

Segata285d ago

Heh I still have my N64 copy.

KillBill284d ago

Would just have to buy an XB1 as it has the game. Not sure why they thought any list of games was valid seeing they are obviously playable by many.

spambot0815285d ago

yet mentioning no mans sky is a good method to heat up an article...

NecrumOddBoy285d ago

I play a bunch of hours in no man's sky. Cool title just kind of delivered poorly

sifucud285d ago

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Nacho_Z285d ago

I've been a supporter of NMS from the first trailer and I put a lot of hours into it but honestly if I'd never bought it I wouldn't have missed much. Cool concept and beautiful visual/sound design but nothing meaningful or memorable to do.

chris235285d ago

The point of this blog post being??

SolidGamerX285d ago

Many people have played No Mans Sky.

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The story is too old to be commented.