5 PS Vita Games That Need to be Remastered for PS4

"The PlayStation Vita is one of my favorite pieces of hardware that has ever released. I’ve spent an insane amount of hours playing some of the best games that have released on it. Unfortunately, the handheld hasn’t sold like hotcakes. The Vita currently only sits at 10-15 million lifetime units sold, and there are a handful of games that deserves a release on the juggernaut that is PS4 (that currently sits at 70 million units sold." -- PlayStation Enthusiast

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ziggurcat324d ago

Golden Abyss would be cool to play on PS4.

shinoff2183324d ago

I'd love for all the person games to be released on ps4 especially physical releases

pixlz323d ago

Add in Valkyria Chronicles 2 + 3. That'd be a nice remaster for PS4.

chris235323d ago

i would rather chop my thumbs off than to play a reheat from a mobile gadget on my highend console. sorry.

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