Monster Hunter Should Re-Imagine Underwater Combat

The third generation of Monster Hunter was a time of interesting changes. Not only did it make the leap to a Nintendo console at first, but it saw the addition of fighting in a whole new environment. Underwater fights came as a huge surprise and added a lot of ways to deal with returning and new monsters that were water based. Instead of waiting for them to jump out of the water to combat, hunters could chase them down in their own terrain. It wasn’t quite the perfect introduction, however, and despite underwater combat appearing in a total of two games, it had a mixed reaction. Capcom knew this and has not included in underwater in subsequent titles, but now is the perfect time to return to it in the latest generation.

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fenome236d ago

Zorah Magdoros died in the ocean and it creates huge ecosystems where it dies so I'm thinking they left it pretty wide open for future water battles.

PFFT235d ago

Well only if they do it right cause the underwater combat in Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate(WiiU) was quite a pain.

Movefasta1993235d ago

It was but I loved it still, honestly depended on what you were fighting . Abyssal lagia and plesoith were annoying to fight underwater but caedus and gobul were fun, they just need to tweak things