Gamer 2.0: Dead Space Interview

Gamer 2.0 has a new interview with the Senior Producer of Dead Space, Chuck Beaver. Chris Selogy writes: "Dead Space is one of the most-anticipated original IP game releases of the fall, which has received a big boost from its impressive showing at E3 this year. We got the chance to talk to Chuck Beaver, the Senior Producer on Dead Space, about the game, the team's influences, and the extension of the Dead Space IP into other properties."

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techwizz3656d ago

I liked what he said about making each frame so distinguishable that it looked like it was from Dead Space and not some other game. It resembles Doom 3 in a lot of ways, but when I do see screens from Dead Space I don't mistake it for anything else so I think they nailed that.

AmpedMan3656d ago

It's cool how writing a backstory for your game can turn into a story so much bigger than its scope that you let it seep in through other forms of media. Makes the story more believable and immersive if its coming from different channels.

CrashSpyro1233656d ago

It's cool to see developers put a ton of effort and hard work into a new property, and a publisher not restricting them, that many wouldn't get until they get sequelized.

Amadeo3656d ago

I played Dead Space, and I must say it's definitely enjoyable. This is a good read, and apropos for the game's release tomorrow. I don't own it or anything just yet, but I admit, it's probably worth your time if you're interested in the game. It definitely gave me a bit of the chills. Not more than Quarantine though...that movie is crazy!

CrashSpyro1233656d ago

There's a Dead Space movie? I might have to check that out when it's out.

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