Why Elite Dangerous Is A Culture Shock To Console Gamers

Reading the above title, you may assume it has negative connotations. It may well do to some. But to a sim inexperienced gamer, limited to the buttons on his controller, Elite: Dangerous has been a fascinating experience. If, on occasion, a little frustrating. Yet, the fascination for its insanely slow - burning grind comes from a curiosity as to just how the hell Frontier Developments succeeds in keeping a player around.

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234d ago
solderman234d ago

I was interested in this until they started charging for more content for a game that isn't finished "Ark". At least not where their kickstarter goals said it would be.

JackBNimble234d ago

The game has been finished or awhile now.

Razzer234d ago

Believe you are confusing Elite Dangerous with Star Citizen.

Strafe234d ago

'Why Elite Dangerous Is A Culture Shock To Console Gamers'

Because they have to think.

Chaosdreams234d ago

Stop being stupid, stupid.

TheDriz234d ago

Mmm I own the game on PC. I have a whole setup for these sorts of games and the level of thinking needed in this particular title is pretty low. I like the game but it’s not close to a thinking mans game at all. It’s really just a waypoint chaser. You have to think a little when it comes to load outs but not really. I like the game just to be clear.

SaxScrotumz234d ago

This is a fun game to me on my PS4.

BenRC01234d ago

Culture shock? Yes. Never knew games could be that dull.