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Six years ago, we asked "Who Killed Rare?" Fast forward to 2018, and Sea of Thieves is about to set sail on a journey its creators hope will secure the future.

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gamer7804237d ago

Definitely try on games pass free trial before buying. It has potential, they just didn't show much content on the betas.

ClanPsi1237d ago

So one game that most people playing say isn't even that good is somehow a revival now?

ThinkThink236d ago

Majority of the feedback from those who played the last beta was very positive.

ClanPsi1236d ago

Every review I read said the game was great for the first hour, but then turned extremely repetitive and boring.

iofhua236d ago

Open world PvP games are pretty niche, especially if they require you to play in a team.

If they had made it solo PvP, it would appeal to a larger audience. Look at PUBG. But they set up the ships so you need a crew of players. People who try to solo will be dominated.

I think this is going to end up like NMS. It's being hyped up because Rare made it. But people aren't going to like the gameplay.

It's sad that to date most pirate games suck. It's a great genre but no one really does it right.