GSM: Nokia 6600 fold review

GSM Writes:

"Nokia 6600 fold surely is a neat little phone with distinct personality. The shortish spec sheet won't get you too excited but what's there gets delivered right, except maybe for the camera. But let's not get into that. Performance in geek's terms has nothing to do with performance as in owning the stage. Nokia 6600 fold is the kind of thing to handle with loving care and nonchalantly get people to notice.

In all fairness, we can't help the thought it may be well overpriced. The OLED screen is the only thing that can possibly justify the price tag. We mean, the only thing beside the extra sweet exterior. Plus, cost may as well be irrelevant if you're looking at things from a different perspective. Where the cute Nokia flip seems the perfect fit for chick lit, shoe shop, chit chat."

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