Top 20 PlayStation Games (10-1)

Alex S. from Link-Cable writes: "Welcome to part two of our look at the best games ever to grace the original PlayStation (#20-11 can be found here). Like I said last week, the PlayStation was a system that served as a defining moment in gaming for many of us, finally beginning the change in perception as games being something that could only appeal to nerds and children and into the mainstream as a medium that could rival TV, novels and movies in terms of narrative scope and cinematic qualities. This was the system that games ‘grew up’ on and helped build the industry into the $100 billion dollar juggernaut it is today and this level of maturity (in all senses of the word) could be considered the defining trait of our picks for the 10 games that best represent the console."

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Aceman18238d ago

Man OG PS1 had crazy great games, love that console.

Master of Unlocking237d ago

So do I, but these days it's getting incredibly difficult to get your hands on PS1 games. The good ones at least. Luckily I bought mine again some then years ago, so I managed to find titles like Doom, Final Doom, Lomax, or Star Parodius at decent prices, but there are still many more I would like to have in physical form, not just as downloaded games on my PS3, but *cough cough* 120€ minimum for Castlevania Symphony of the Night or Suikoden... :(

bouzebbal238d ago

PS1 had a massive library.
it is really hard to pick a top 10. So many games were legendary.

Street Fighter Alpha 3
Parasite Eve 1&2
Legend of Dragoon
WipEout 3
Vagrant Story
Bloody Roar
Time Crisis
Abe's Odyssey
Abe's Exodus
Heart of Darkness
Fear Effect
Ridge Racer T4
Resident Evil 1
Winning Eleven

many many many more...........

Relientk77238d ago

PS1 had so many amazing games it's not even fair

sonicsidewinder238d ago

My PS1 disc spindle died this weekend :'(

Gonna attempt to revive it by sacrificing an old Walkman CD Player.

shinoff2183237d ago

Good luck. Sorry to hear about that. On the bright side a Ps1 and even ps2 for backwards compatability is dirt cheap