18 Big Mysterious Games We Can't Wait To Be Unveiled

There are many upcoming games from major studios of which we know very few about. Even so, you can't be but excited for the next titles by the likes of Rocksteady, Remedy, Gearbox, From Software, Bethesda and other renown teams, particularly since they might be about to be unveiled.

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codelyoko324d ago

My top picks are Bethesda, Obsidian and Remedy. Also curious about Rocksteady

UltraNova323d ago

I'm hopping for a Superman game by Rocksteady...

hafupod323d ago

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KaiPow324d ago

After just seeing Black Panther today, I'm excited to see what The avengers game turns out to be.

reborn1213324d ago

from what I heard it's basically going to be like marvel heros...but I hope Im wrong

chrisx323d ago

great movie. m'baku was my star of the movie

ninsigma323d ago

M'baku and Shuri were my personal favorites!

SolidGamerX323d ago

Meh Black Panther is trash we need a really good Iron Man game.

ccgr324d ago

It's going to be another great year for gaming :)

MADGameR324d ago

For PS4 owners I'd say >__>

mandingo323d ago

For all gamers bud. Relax ;)

MADGameR324d ago

RESIDENT EVIL 2 REMAKE, FINAL FANTASY VII REMAKE, The Last of Us 2,etc are my most anticipated games this generation.

nommers323d ago

This^ sweet jesus, we gotta get some more info on RE2 and FF7 remake.

MADGameR323d ago

We will at E3 come June 12 :D

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The story is too old to be commented.