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More details about the background WKC story and some more online info, from RPGamer

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TheColbertinator3658d ago

"Additional online missions may become available as downloadable content after the game is released."

Interesting if this feature is planned because the length of the game could be astronomical.

"The status of voice chat in White Knight Chronicles' online mode is still to be determined"

Sounds to me like suicide if Level 5 and Sony dont implement this.Voice chat is crucial this day and age so unless they want WKC to get 8/10 I suggest they finalize voice chat

Pennywise3658d ago

There is no doubt they would add some kind of voice chat. If they dont they fail. Pretty simple equation.

chaosatom3658d ago

they will implement it.

Monkey5213657d ago

Voice Chat is one of the main reasons why MS and Level 5 have a bad relationship. Look it up. MS tried to force Level 5 to put VC into Fantasy Live Online and Level 5 couldn't find a good way to do it. That's when things with the game went silent for a year, eventually leading to the cancelation.

play_b3yond3657d ago (Edited 3657d ago )

Does anyone know if the japanese version will have English subtitles or not?
If not, how long does it usually take for a japanese game to be released in North America?
I seriously can't wait to get my hands on this game. Hopefully the game sells well because Level-5 deserves it.
I also read somewhere that this game is going to be a trilogy. Can someone confirm this?

-GametimeUK-3657d ago

but it sucks... Vent FTW!

sinncross3657d ago

True, but you forget that it was that same very feature of voice chat in True Fantasy Live Online that:
1) had the game cancelled
2) Screwed up Microsoft's relationship with level 5.

Sony aren't stupid.. if voice chat can't be done for launch then it can't be done

Now all Sony need to do is convince Level 5 to take True Fantasy Live Online, rename it to True Fantasy, and release it for the PS3.

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KozmoOchez3658d ago else are we supposed to know what our teammates want us to do? Freakin in game messages??? The only way I'll let this pass, is if Sony implements cross game chat before the release of this game - which I don't see happening.

comm133657d ago

WoW did pretty damn well with text chat at the begging, stop whining.

KozmoOchez3657d ago

...but, this is not WoW, this is not MMORPG, this is not PC. This is White Knight Story/Chronicles on PS3, everyone who has a ps3 is not going to acquire a keyboard just for text chat, and ingame messaging will waste time....this is not a keyboard & mouse click game, you have to use the ps3 controller...if it were a keyboard/mouse ps3 game(oblivion could have been), then maybe text chat woould be ok - but it is not

mfwahwah3657d ago (Edited 3657d ago )


It's called Ventrilo. People used it since Day One of WoW. Without it, raids would have been impossible.

Shane Kim3657d ago

The online mode sounds a little like World of Warcraft. Voice Chat is necessary and I think both Sony and Level 5 are aware of that.

ingamexmb3657d ago

does not have voice chat...but most ppl use ventrilo

Pennywise3657d ago

WoW has voice chat. They put it in like a year ago. Even tho most still use vent.

ingamexmb3657d ago

Well i kinda meant that...but most people still use ventrilo...also, its not right to compare this game to WoW

Raoh3657d ago

while i too want to see voice chat.

texting is not dead. if you have played any mmorpg/mmo on a console text chat has worked while communicating with large groups during raids, farming, guild chat etc..

by the time this game is out there will be the keyboard add on for the controller.

again, i want to see voice chat but its not a deal breaker for me. i still load up ffxi and eqoa on my ps3 and its all text chat with large communities.

Pennywise3657d ago

I have a keyboard&Mouse, but how many people have one to make this work like a MMO on a PC?? They NEED voice chat and text chat.

Raoh3657d ago

sony needs to drive home the ability to use keyboard and mouse and include it more in games.

i've been able to be in a group questing, chat with guild members, private chat with a friend and yell at a fellow gamer from another group to shut up and stop yelling cause silly chat log is overlapping with mine LOL

all on a keyboard on a ps2 game.

thats not to say that it isnt time sony stepped up their voice chat game (which is probably starting with what they call their official sony bluetooth headset)

i'm just saying the if implemented well, instead of that silly on screen scroll keyboard crap it could work. and work well. online gaming has existed before xbox live and team speak. even socom which uses a headset in game had lobby chat via keyboard.

they should package and sell a small keyboard/mouse for the ps3.

BlackIceJoe3657d ago

To me it sounds like what Level 5 learned on True Fantasy Live Online they are putting into White Knight. I so hope people love the online play in White Knight so Level 5 can get back to work on True Fantasy Live Online. Even Mr. Hino said He would love to finish the game. So I really hope White Knight sells well so TFLO can some day come out.

Level 5 really are showing people they know what they are doing and if you want your RPG fix you need to buy there games. All there games are great so I know White Knight will be great too.

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