What Metal Gear Survive Can Improve On With The Next Game

Metal Gear Survive is out and while some aspects of the game, such as the Lord of Dust and survival do add new elements to the game's formula. However, future installments should consider changing less appealing attributes. Here's what Metal Gear Survive could improve on with the next game.

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G3ng4r236d ago

It's really sad because konami was top tier for generations but yeah, we're almost at that point.

PhantomS42237d ago

Next game lol Bit early for an April Fool's joke

TheOttomatic91237d ago (Edited 237d ago )

Sell the IP, it doesn’t even have to be sold to Kojima Productions just as long as it isn’t in the hands of Konami.

Persian_Immortal237d ago

I say let Konami continue to damage the IP so it can be sold for the cheap. Kojima may not be interested in making a new Metal Gear but i think if Sony did buy it. The Ideal situation would be if Kojima oversees it so they don't fuck it up. I would love a game playing as The Boss alongside the Cobra Unit taking on the Axis Powers or recreate Metal Gear MSX games. After Phantom Pain it would make sense to go that route otherwise what would have been the point besides cleaning up some plot lines and some loose ends Metal Gear Solid 4 may have been the end but i feel the series has a future just like you said not in the hands of Konami.

DarXyde236d ago

As I always say, do not underestimate how petty Konami can be. They would rather sit on an IP and run it into the ground or never use it again before they give it up. Though I have utmost faith in a Sony/Konami collaboration on it, I think Kojima really wants to be done with Metal Gear. He's been asking for an out for years. He's put in his time and I wholly respect the memories he's provided. And despite wanting to move away, he continued to give us great games where he could have just put out half-hearted garbage to exonerate himself from justification for future entries.

Though if someone were to buy the IP, I would not be surprised if Microsoft offered a lot for it.

2pacalypsenow237d ago (Edited 237d ago )

The only hands this game will succeed in is in KP’s hands

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The story is too old to be commented.