Amazon discounts PC versions of Titanfall 2 to below $5 and Battlefield 1 to under $10

Amazon has discounted the PC versions of Titanfall 2 to $4.99 and Battlefield 1 to $9.99.

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Nodoze234d ago

Picked this up again and started to play it....WOW. I was playing Battefront II quite a bit, and now can no longer even play that game. It in no way even holds a candle to this game. Better campaign, better gameplay, and a leveling system that is not connected to a micro-transaction model to milk gamers dry.

Unfortunately....EA now owns Respawn. So this may well be the final great Titanfall game.

SirBillyBones234d ago

Brilliant! I'm in the UK and just purchased a copy of Titanfall 2. I just had to temporarily change my address to an American one.

Asuka234d ago

Welp I'm buying TF2 again