Someone has recreated Uncharted 4's Treasury Courtyard in Unreal Engine 4 and it looks really cool

3D artist, Yury Vorobiev, has remade Uncharted 4’s Treasury Courtyard map in Unreal Engine 4, and shared some screenshots from its final stage. It's an interesting remake though unfortunately the artist did not release this map to the public.

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nitus10234d ago (Edited 234d ago )

That is not the point.

The person made the effort to learn how to use the Unreal 4 engine and decided to use the Uncharted 4 Treasury Courtyard map to gain experience.

I suggest you look at what is actually involved in creating scenes for use in games or movies to appreciate the amount of time and effort the graphics designer has to invest for little if any gain. Yes, I am aware of "asset flipping" but this does not appear to be that.

GameHead85234d ago (Edited 234d ago )

I think this person did really well in remaking this part of the game in UE4. Just by looking at the pictures, I think he holds more then "a candle to the real thing" , I would say a camp fire.

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camel_toad234d ago


Yeh I'm not doubting the work he put into it. I'm just saying it doesn't look as good. That's a testament to the original game considering it was released nearly 2 years ago on an even older engine and he using using a modern engine to mimic it.

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DialgaMarine235d ago (Edited 235d ago )

Kind of redundant when the real thing looks a lot better. I think it’s a bit soon to be trying to recreate one of the best looking games currently in the industry lol

Dlaw76234d ago

God you dudes be acting crazy no one never said it looks better naughty dog has 300 members the people who created this is only 10 people pretty impressive don't you think

Teflon02234d ago

No point is, why is this a deal or a deal to the point a article exists if it's not even on par with the original. Who cares if it doesn't live up to the original. Any game can be put on different engines downgraded lol. It's upgrades that are interesting

MrVux000234d ago (Edited 234d ago )

Yes, I think it's impressive, but that wasn't the point OP is trying to make.

I_am_Batman234d ago

@Teflon02: Of all the trash that gets posted here every single day you've decided to complain about an article that shows of the hard work of an artist paying tribute to one of the best looking games of our time?

Teflon02234d ago

No, what I don't do is sit around and say hey that's so cool that you didn't recreate something up to par with the original. No one goes in Gmod and makes articles based on the fact things are brought over from different engines downgraded lol. Neither should these. I see these UE4 recreation articles alot. I'm fine with the upgraded ones but this one is completely pointless to make an article about. I complain about anything I feel and I don't care about being like everyone acts these days where you pat someone's back for finally getting out the house for the first time in years because they wanted to play a game like Pokémon go lmao

I_am_Batman234d ago

@Teflon02: Just because you don't like the article doesn't mean that it shouldn't be there. Tell me what makes more sense objectively:

1. You don't like the article therefore it shouldn't exist.
2. You don't like the article therefore you ignore it.

Sure you can go on and complain about all your feelings on things that have no effect on your life whatsoever, or you could just move on and concentrate on the things that are actually interesting to you. It's your choice.

DialgaMarine234d ago

I never made that claim either. I’m just saying that usually when people do this, they’re taking an old game like Ocarina of Time or Medieval, and making a new version that looks like a genuine modern remake of a classic. I’m not trying to shit on people’s efforts, but why spend the time to remake something that doesn’t remotely surpass the original?

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paintedgamer1984235d ago

Agreed... with both of you. Have an agree on me :)

yellowgerbil234d ago

Someone wasted their time on that? Go be productive and binge watch game of thrones

SunnyZ234d ago

So he ripped models from a game and placed them into unreal engine...
Whoopdydo. Not exactly the hardest thing to do...

Vegamyster234d ago

"This project took Yury 7 months and all vegetation was sculpted and painted in Zbrush. In addition, tileable materials were made in Substance Designer and all lights are fully baked."

nitus10234d ago (Edited 234d ago )

>> "Not exactly the hardest thing to do."

Really? Do you think you have the skills, artistic temperament and patience to do it?

If people or a person wishes to do something like this without any potential of making money then more power to them. Doing something like this does enable the person to gain experience and at a later stage, they could use this experience to get a job or better pay.

No matter what you do in life it is extremely rare for anyone to become skilled at a particular discipline without gaining experience in that discipline.

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