Xenosaga is Better Than Xenoblade Chronicles

Xenoblade has been a great franchise for Nintendo, but it comes nowhere near the greatness of Xenosaga. Xenosaga is better than Xenoblade Chronicles

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guywazeldatatt325d ago

Xenosaga Episode III is one of the best games I've ever played.

SuperSonic91325d ago

I wonder how the Xenosaha collection is doing... gotta tweet Harada san again...

lifeistranger325d ago

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guywazeldatatt325d ago

re-playing all of xenosaga it has depth that no other RPG has and such a unique combat system and some really great gameplay mechanics. and the narrative is better than any modern game by far.

Sono421325d ago

You are massively overrating those games "the narrative is better than any modern game by far" Do you even believe what you say?

indysurfn324d ago

The narative is OVER THE TOP! BY FAR! When has it been repeated ?

Godmars290324d ago

Everything is debatable.

Mind you, one side can be wholly wrong.

guywazeldatatt325d ago

Xenosaga expanded so much. The third game is the best Takahashi game ever IMO. I love Xenogears, but, it was incomplete. It's great, but Xenosaga is good. It's everything Takahashi ever wanted. He needs to revisit it and finish his epic, at some point, and he is even willing to.

guywazeldatatt325d ago

also, xenogears was kinda unfinished. I loved finally reading the translated perfect works though.

yardank325d ago

I believe in it's salvaged state it is still the best RPG of the console generation. The character and gear design, plot, combat system, and anime cut scenes have put it at #1 on my list and I think it deserves a proper remake alongside FFVII. Will never happen though... :(

guywazeldatatt325d ago

I sold my PS3 thinking it was on the PS4 store. NOPE. I was pretty livid and still am. It's a fantastic game and Takahashi is a master storyteller and one of the best game developers of this era.

FinalFantasyFanatic325d ago

I would love a hd remaster of Xenogears and Xenosaga in a collection.

Segata324d ago

Gears sadly won't happen but Saga likely but you may need a Switch for it.

mav805324d ago

I think Xenogears is, objectively, the worst game I've ever played. It dragged on and on, the translation was pretty awful, and the second disk just made the whole thing into a joke.

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O-D-C325d ago

Really can't say I agree. Xenoblade Chronicles, X and 2 are among my favorite games of all time. Just pre-ordered the Pyra statue to add to the collection.

guywazeldatatt325d ago

I love them and they are great, but they just lack the depth that Xenosaga has. X is a different kind of game admittedly because it's just more open world, the narrative doesn't play much of a part, and I love Xenoblade 2, it's probably closer to Xenosaga than any of the other games. Though the first one did try to copy it in a lot of ways.

guywazeldatatt325d ago

I'm so glad we're still getting Takahashi games, don't get me wrong, just playing Xenosaga again this week (I've gone through all three of them) I realize compared to games today with long cutscenes the gameplay to cutscene ratio isn't that bad at all and it has some excellent gameplay. The mech fights in Xenosaga 3 is so much fun. Have you played any of the Xenosaga Games?

PiNkFaIrYbOi325d ago

Never could really get into the Xenosaga games.

guywazeldatatt325d ago

Any particular reason? At first it may seem hard to get into but the more you play the more you get sucked in. It really is one of the best video game series' of all-time. The narrative, characters and their development, the lore, it''s just incredible. I highly recommend it if you still have a ps2. You can get them on ebay for kind of cheap.

PiNkFaIrYbOi325d ago

I've beaten the games, just couldn't get into them really. I personally thought Xenogears was far better besides the ending that is.

rainslacker325d ago

The first game was really slow to get going story wise. Then it had a lull in the middle, but if you could get through those parts, you would find one of the deepest stories in gaming

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