Fable Fortune | ThisGenGaming Review

ThisGenGaming says: "If you’re a fan of Collectibe Card Games you owe it to yourself to check this one out at least. It’s free, it does a lot of the same things right as Hearthstone and even adds in a few interesting elements into the mix that can shake things up for those who’ve grown bored of it. The biggest issue at the moment is the lacking AI, so it all depends on whether or not you can find capable opponents to test your mettle against. In the long run it’ll need to increase its card base even further to keep players interested (but I have no doubt that they will) and maybe look into some form of Draft/Arena mode as the randomness of such formats can keep things fresh for much longer. There are also some bugs they need to iron out, but if they fix these and get a big enough player base I have high hopes for this game."

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bloodyspasm236d ago

If anyone wants to play against me, please let me know your gamertag, I could use some better opponents 😉