Videogames accused of being a drug and of causing tragedies with firearms

"In the midst of the 21st century, video games have established themselves as a means of entertainment to take into account, making each generation more popular, but with popularity comes also greater hatred by people who are well positioned in life to give to know his voice and consequently his criticisms. It is not the first time, nor will be the last, that games are accused of various evils of the world; accused of being something they are not, and so suddenly I remember all the controversy that Quintino Aires caused when he went to a TVI program to defame the games, accusing them of being a drug."

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strayanalog288d ago

Here we go again. And now it's just laughably sad.
Really, guys? Just games? Not bad parenting, the smut on television, someone's mental health, or our constant connected digital lives? Nope. Just games.‎
Man, if all problems are that simple I need to start blaming pizza for trying to make me fat.‎

FlyingFoxy288d ago (Edited 288d ago )

I guess the only way it could influence somebody is if they have mental issues in the first place, for example if a kid plays an adult game which they shouldn't be playing, and they have slight mental illness, then i guess thst could be enough to cause them to do something. Probably rare but a possibility.

Games do have age ratings for a reason too.

rainslacker287d ago

Too late. McDonalds has already been blamed for America's obesity problem.

For every problem in the world, there exists a scapegoat. We live in an era where personal responsibility is not a thing, and everything has a cause which is black and white, so should be easily remedied if you just get rid of said catalyst.

yellowgerbil288d ago

Ways to fix it.
Only can own small caliber handguns for personal defense and hunting riffles/shotguns. There is NO reason for someone non military to have assault rifles or sniper rifles.
Ways to have 0 effect on it.
Make games illegal

No Way287d ago

You're delusional. Bet, a shotgun can do as much or more damage as an "assault rifle," which is the wrong term anyway.. a .22 caliber pistol or rifle can kill just as much as an AR15. Also, everyone freaks out about "AR15" but doesn't talk about an AK47 (which has a more devastating round).

Think - if someone comes to fight you with a bat and there is one laying on the ground. Are you gonna pick up that bat to fight back? Or you gonna try using just your hands (at a disadvantage)? Get real.

If youre gonna break into a house, are you gonna choose the one with a big dog or the one without? Any smart person will choose the house without. This is exactly what the gun toting psychos are doing - not to mention, they dont care if the guns are legal or not - they want to kill you, you think an illegal gun will change their mind? ....

yellowgerbil287d ago

what I proposed was REASONABLE gun control, there is no reason for a normal citizen to need automatic weapons, I concede that in this world a handgun for personal protection against someone breaking into your house to kill or rob you is reasonable and should be within your rights to own, but again what possible reason do you have for an assault riffle? Your argument sounds like the argument they used for getting nukes "well we need them to even the playing field or else we will be vulnerable"

_-EDMIX-_287d ago (Edited 287d ago )

I'm sorry but you're insane what yellow is talking about is something that is already been done with several developed countries and they've had great success with doing this.

A shotgun of course is going to do damage to a single individual much more than a single shot and of assault rifle but the issue is not singular damage to one individual it is actually the volume of bullets that is coming out of an assault rifle that is making it a much more dangerous weapon in regards to killing people in huge volume.

A shotgun is also not going to be shooting at such a fast rate that it makes it impossible for people to react.

What are yellows proposing is reasonable and it's already been proven by several developed countries.

UnHoly_One287d ago (Edited 287d ago )

You realize an AR-15 is not an automatic weapon?

Stop watching CNN or MSNBC and educate yourself on guns just a little.

Automatic weapons are illegal. Have been for a LONG time.

An AR-15 is not automatic, and it’s not an “assault rifle”. “Assault rifle” is just a term that politicians and media that don’t understand guns use. Or a class of weapons in video games. :D

The AR in AR-15 stands for ArmaLite Rifle, after the company that designed the gun 60 years ago.

It’s not a weapon used by the military and it’s no more scary than any hunting rifles that are all over the woods around here during deer season.

Listen, I’m not trying to be a jerk, and I’m not calling you stupid. But nearly everyone that is on your side of this argument doesn’t understand what it is that they want to ban.

I’m not telling you to go out and buy a gun. Just do some research. Maybe go to a local range and ask some questions. You’ll be fascinated at all the stuff you didn’t know, and it might just give you a different perspective.

Dark_Knightmare2287d ago

You know what I use to believe in gun ownership but im tired of this bullshit and I damn sure worry about my niece growing up and going to high school. This country needs to seriously look at our gun laws and do something about them because as it stands now they just aren't working and I for one am tired of seeing this senseless violence and there's no reason a 19 year old kid with mental problems should have had guns in the first place.

shinoff2183287d ago

Thing is I don't need to be educated in guns for me to know it won't make my junk bigger. Second thing is I don't need to have an educational course to know that those kinda weapons arent needed, semi auto, auto, call it what you will. Third i just have no interest in firearms. Maybe you could stop watching fox so much where they jam down your throat that the right to bear arms is so crucial for your living of life, and they act like the right to bear arms has the same meaning as it did 200 odd years ago when we as a country needed to defend ourself against the British and what have you.
Imo constitutions can be amended and this one is long overdue.

_-EDMIX-_287d ago (Edited 287d ago )

I don't think the labeling regarding an AR-15 really matters at the end of the day a weapon of that magnitude does not need to be in the hands of any citizen in the United States.

Trust me we've all heard the semantics of gun nuts telling us that AR doesn't stand for assault rifle but at the end of the day the debate is to not have weapons that are like AR-15s, whether or not somebody wants to classify that as an assault rifle actually is not as relevant as you might think put it this way ...add that gun to the list of weapons the United States does not want being in any regular citizens hands.

Regardless of what you want to call it I don't want that gun in my country anymore

Broward county is a county that I actually live in currently right now in that school is not too far from where I'm at I have many Facebook friends that know many of the victims from that shooting I'm sorry but until some of you guys have to go through entire long post of people who died from this tragedy and having several members of your own family that know people who have passed away you're not really going to fully understand this.

There is no benefit to keeping things the same. All you're arguing is semantics by the way....

That's nice about the history of the gun but that doesn't change that many of us in the United States do not want this weapon all readily available anymore.

Did you think the history of the weapon was relevant to us wanting IT banned? Did you think what we're calling it is relevant to us wanting IT banned? 🤔

UnHoly_One287d ago

_-EDMIX-_ you are missing the point of why I made that correction.

I'm not just picking on the term "assault rifle" because I'm a "gun nut" (thanks for that, by the way), the point is that phrase is completely made up to make it sound more scary.

There is nothing about that gun that makes it any more dangerous than other guns.

Why do you think that kid might have picked that particular gun? Do you think he did a bunch of research and determined it was the best for killing a bunch of people?

Or do you think he picked it because he hears people wanting to ban it, so obviously it must be the best?

Or, more importantly, do you think his decision was influenced by the fact that he needed to be 21 to buy a handgun, so he had to settle for a rifle?

So let's say we completely ban the AR-15, then the next one of these happens with a different rifle, or a shotgun, or a pistol, then we ban that specific gun as well? And so on and so forth?

Where does it stop?

Sounds to me like it stops when the only people with guns are criminals, and we are all helpless to defend ourselves. Great plan.

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_-EDMIX-_287d ago

Agreed I had a jiu-jitsu tournament 6 years ago in Australia and one of the people I was competing against told me all about their buyback program.

They're still very much a gun culture in regards to hunting but they no longer have the ridiculous amount of Weaponry that they used to. Basically they're only allowed a certain number of weapons based on caliber, the most violent of semi-automatic automatic in a bunch of other weapons were completely outlawed in the buyback program basically gave you top dollar for all of your guns, and it made the guns that were currently legal optional and made the guns that we're currently illegal mandatory for the buyback program.

So from what I seen is it worked wonders for them. I just don't see it necessary for in the United States of America or really any developed country to have these types of weapons readily available for citizens.

monkeyshawn60288d ago

Here comes the bs sbout games being bad for you.

snoopgg288d ago

I have plenty of guns locked in my gunsafe. I play shooters all the time, but I only kill people in videogames. No problem here.

_-EDMIX-_287d ago


the problem has nothing to do with people who are responsible gun owners I think the real problem clearly is the readily availability of these type of weapons to just anybody. And the United States of America when you drive a car you need insurance you need to literally proved that you're able to drive and you have to take a test proving that you're still able to do that years later basically for the rest of your life, majority of these things are not requirements to own a weapon, in fact none of those things are a national requirement at all ,this is a huge problem in this country because it seems like you can obtain a gun easier than you could do anything in this country.

Raiden287d ago

@ snoopgg
You have many guns and you have control, you have a gunsafe therefore only you and your wife or consenting adult has access (i would hope), but the ease of access to purchasing your guns, some people don't have your control, some people have deep mental issues and these are the kind of people who are having easy access to guns, I'm sorry, but for me one gun is enough for protection, for me have more than is just wrong, but i happy about your gun safe.

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