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Metal Gear Survive should have been a free-to-play game just like Grasshopper's Let it Die or an actual Metal Gear release. It doesn't accomplish either aim.

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iplay1up2236d ago

Played beta, it was not fun at all....

LevelSmack236d ago

Nice review had a feeling this was gonna flop!

FallenAngel1984236d ago

It should’ve been just DLC

Godmars290236d ago

It is DLC.

Separate DLC you pay $40 for that you have to pay another $10 - each - for more than one game save slot.

Godmars290236d ago

Are people honestly defending this game?

blackblades236d ago

It should of been scrapped, this is like the worst metal gear title ever.

DarXyde236d ago


I have no interest in this game, but I have noticed some developers feeling emboldened by the actions of others and it's scary. Microtransactions in some capacity were perhaps inevitable as some developers sell their games on merit in hopes people spend more, but some have taken it too far. L.A. Noire began the age of the season pass where some developers since have actively screwed the consumer (say what you will, Arkham Knight's extra content wasn't good). It's worse when good studios start doing it. Now we've got loot boxes in Shadow of War which upset very many people. Now Konami, who is so hilariously out of touch with their position in the industry, charges for extra save slots. And the industry is watching. If those save slots generate great revenue, better studios can look at that and say, "if Konami can do it, so can we". Eventually, it becomes the new normal.

I'm most concerned where Rockstar goes. They seem to have a ton of industry pull. Remember that developers are frequently searching for ways to maximize their revenue. Never forget that Ubisoft tried to sell you the ending of Prince of Persia (2008) as DLC.

chris235236d ago

so, gaming is no charity. now i‘m shocked.

will laugh my backside off when everyone who is making a fuzz out of MT these days is going to prostitute himself by buying the lootcrate– and microtransactionsfest that rdr2 is going to be :P

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