Xbox One gets three more additions to Backwards Compatibility – Are they worth the return?

Carlos writes: "It’s already been a great year for Xbox One Backwards Compatibility, but we’re still only a few months in and that means there is plenty more to come throughout 2018, with many more of our favourite titles still yet to be added. Whilst the latest additions aren’t more of the recently promised titles that will be getting Xbox One X Enhancements, they still continue the trend of frequent releases, and it's always good to see old Xbox 360 becoming available on Xbox One. The question is though - are they games that we should be heading back to?"

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Asuka867d ago

Vanquish alone is worth it imo

zaherdab867d ago (Edited 867d ago )

the game is probably heading as a remaster to ps4 and xbox one though so most ppl are better off waiting for those version

Asuka867d ago

I mean it could, but I kinda feel like it would have happened already if it were the case. Both Vanquish and Bayonetta came to steam last year, and if they were going to be remastered for current consoles i feel like it would have happened around then or even before the PC ports. Could still happen tho

gamer7804867d ago (Edited 867d ago )

Unless they would like to play it for free. i hope there is a remaster for bayonetta, it would look great at 4k 60


You have any links supporting that? If so I’ll wait

zaherdab867d ago

@BLK there were rumors last of end year but no official statement ... though i would surprised if doesn't happen

Kumakai867d ago (Edited 867d ago )

nowhere does anyone say its coming to consoles. it was only done for pc. there are threads of people asking if it will be released on console but 0 mention from the studio or distributor.

The cool thing about BC on the xbox one x specifically tho is that it can render the game geometry at 4k and get better frame rates without a patch so even the base game gets a bit of a performance boost.

Sitdown867d ago

Better of waiting to play a remaster of a game that has not been confirmed vs playing it now for cheaper with the potential of it being Xbox one enhanced? Ooooooookay.

dlocsta867d ago

Since when are you "better off" paying for a game you already own AGAIN instead of playing said game with improvements at no cost?

jrshankill867d ago


Why would I hold off on Vanquish if I already own the 360 disc :-/

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simitolix866d ago

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Obscure_Observer867d ago

Vanquish! *_*

Glorious on the X!

XbladeTeddy867d ago

Vanquish is the best third-person cover shooter I ever played. The whole game is a pure adrenalin rush.

mafiahajeri867d ago

I remember playing the demo and thinking it was badass, never got around to buying it for some reason though xD

Blaze929867d ago

damn that good? best ever? i need to check it out then

XbladeTeddy867d ago

Best I've played. It forces you to think on your feet all the time. Makes you have to move constantly as your always overwhelmed and getting flanked but you have abilities like sliding and slowing time down plus a squad with you to help give you a chance. It's short but so good and can be picked up so cheap now.

Masta Kaos867d ago

Better than Gears Of War and Uncharted if you ask me....

Automatic79867d ago

I never got to play vanquish definitely picking up.

KillBill867d ago

Its FREE next month for XBLG.

timotim867d ago

Some good games added there...Xbox One has a damn good catalog of titles to play.

livedeht867d ago

Don't you mean the Xbox 360 has a damn good catalog to play again?

timotim866d ago

Well...the 360 does too to be honest. But there are tons of great games that are not being made for 360 anymore but is for the Xbox One. If I can play these games on One, along with all the great 360 titles, then no, I mean Xbox One...

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