GTSports February Update brings 12 more cars.

GTSports February update brings 12 more cars to the game.


Update goes live February 28th or earlier depending on your time zone.

Liqu1d1922d ago

More free content and no microtransactions.

UKRsoldja1921d ago

Well yah, the game launched as a barebones skeleton. I'd sincerely hope the updates were free..

1921d ago
showtimefolks1921d ago


Launched day one as the best Sim racer online so not sure what you are complaining about. At least it didn't launch with MT or $50 season pass

Watch how it sells 5-7 plus million by end of 2018 because racing fans know the PD will support it for a long time

Yohshida1921d ago

It launched with half the content it should have been. They shouldnt have charged full price in the first place and release it as early access. And yet you defend it...

Goldby1921d ago

Well I guess the same could be said about Forza. Launched with mt and a season s pass. Launching car packs that they are charging for instead of free.

I'd rather have the cars released for free than additional $$$

InTheZoneAC1921d ago

Sfv needed three paid season passes...

_-EDMIX-_1921d ago

@video game- except how on Earth would you know what the game should have launched with? Do you work for the development team?

bluefox7551921d ago

Don't be bitter. Get a PS4 and you can play it too :)

Yohshida1920d ago

I prefer having the cars free AT LAUNCH and not months after and call it a "free" update. Some game launch with enough content, but the season pass on Forza is BS yes.

Look at the last GT and you will see that this one is half the game

Edito1920d ago

Sorry to ask but where is Forza 7 again? I don't see it anywhere.

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UCForce1921d ago

@VideoGameLab I don’t think so. GT Sports isn’t Early Access game. It is polish and finished. And @UKRsoldja, PD said they will bring DLC for free including old and new. More importantly, PD made a promise with FIA.

Mr Marvel1921d ago (Edited 1921d ago )

I like that we didn’t get 500 cars shoved in our face on day 1. I feel like I appreciate all the cars so much more and then get excited to try out another new 10-15 each month for free.
This method keeps the game fresh imo.

Xenophon_York1921d ago

All hail Polyphony Digital!

Smart move starting with a modest car list, only to spray new additions each month.

UKRsoldja1921d ago

So you're saying that drip feeding people cars is a smarter move than launching the game with those cars already present? Wtf.

Xenophon_York1921d ago

Dripping would be annoying, spraying is somewhat genius.

InTheZoneAC1921d ago

The game was also released in time to coincide with the championships going on otherwise it probably would've been a 2018 release.

Yohshida1920d ago

Yep he actually thinks thats a good move :D

Goldby1920d ago

its a good move Videogamelab as the cars have more detail in them because of this extra time (Digital Foundry already proved this)

Xenophon_York1920d ago

I bet you naysayers are the type who chug wine, aren't you?

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UCForce1921d ago

They have way better support than others.

Gazondaily1921d ago

They need to considering the barren state it was released in

1921d ago
InTheZoneAC1921d ago

Can you even name what was missing despite the direction they said this game was focused on?

UCForce1921d ago

I don’t think so. They made deal a deal with FIA and they did it. GT Sports did deliver a promise online racing game. Sure, there are some fixes, but they do way better than Forza Motorsport 7. @UKRsoldja “truth” is only for your own benefit, nothing else.

UCForce1921d ago

Here the thing, online in Forza Motorsport 7 is disastrous to be honest. I watched SuperGT video and i’m not lying. The guy play both GT and Forza at the same time.

UCForce1920d ago (Edited 1920d ago )

@VideoGameLab Oh trust me, PD won’t do the same thing like Turn10. Because right now, Turn10 have no clue what make Forza was special in first place since Forza Motorsport 4. That’s where you lack of understanding and you failed. If you think i’m lack of info, you would be wrong. Let me tell you this. When GT Sports was reveal, Kaz did said the game will focus online racing game of Esports and FIA partnership right from the beginning. GT Sports want to aim a clean and professional racing game and they did delivered. More Importantly, GT have GT academy where it teach you to become a professional racer. GT Academy have more ways to teach you than playing Gran Turismo. By test your physical and mentally, not just game.

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Cyborgg1921d ago

Loving this game better than Microtransaction Forza

Yohshida1920d ago

Well, GT launched with 160 and Forza with 700 Cars. Some games just launch complete.

Goldby1920d ago

and the GT sport has more detail in the vehicles than Forza does (digital foundry showed this off in one of their videos with a mazda (as it was a convertible and it was easier to get into the interior for photmode)

GT sport also has a more comprehensive online match set up than Forza, taking not only lap times into account for matchmaking through qualifying laps, but also rates drivers based on their lap times and driving styles, meaning your punished if you are purposely crashing into someone, Forza on the other hand encourages it with their latest video about their tournament.

Yohshida1920d ago

So its much more an esport? How come they have no price money? Forza is a complete package with ACTUAL SP content and a lot of that. Sure some details you wont ever see are better when your car is standing and you zoom in, but is it worth the lack of 540 cars?

Knushwood Butt1920d ago

Copy and paste from Forza 6.

Yohshida1920d ago

Copy Paste, dont tell PD about that one or they will bring back PS2 models, again.

Goldby1920d ago

the official seasons will finish with championships which have ceremony and prize money.

as for your comment about 540 other cars.

Gran turismo is about racing, not collecting cars. you can only use one car at a time and will most likely never use half of the 700+ vehicles in Forza. just like half the vehicles in GTS i have driven less than 10 kms.

you can talk about a complete package for Forza when it isn't promoting aggressive and dangerous driving in its commercials.
you can talk about complete package when drivers are being rated based on their driving style instead of just the performance of their vehicle.

Yohshida1920d ago

Looks like you will damage control everything. Maybe Last of Us 2 isnt about the gameplay, they should just release a movie right`?

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UltimateRacer1921d ago

Really looking forward to this update, enjoying all the cars so far, keep up the good work PD.

HeisenbergX1921d ago (Edited 1921d ago )

Yess finally some news on this .. so glad they are sticking with this routine of puting out updates with free content every month ! I also hope that GT Legue will get updated with more events and that more tracks will be added just as last time because GT Sport needs more tracks and classic GT tracks.

UCForce1921d ago

I think they will bring back the old tracks and old cars alongside new things. It gonna take time, but don’t worry. PD will have update in every months.

HeisenbergX1921d ago

I hope you are right man.. free content every month sounds awesome

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