New Shenmue III Images from Magic Monaco

New Shenmue III images were shared at Magic Monaco 2018: “Shenmue3 LIVE from MAGIC2018! S3E01”

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238d ago
Apocalypse Shadow238d ago (Edited 238d ago )

Ah yeah! Shenmue is looking pretty good. Definitely can't wait to see more. Hope there's an in depth combat system like in shenmue 2 and a great follow up story.

Would be awesome to see a Sega Dreamcast swirl and that sound before the title screen. Lol! But its not like Sega is helping Yu so maybe not.

Common Yu! Make us proud.

SuperSonic91238d ago

Yu has retained the Shenmue look pn this one. Good job!

Kikutaro238d ago

gonna hate me but those faces look horrible

DarXyde238d ago

I think the visuals are a natural evolution of the way that it looked before, kind of like how Dragon Quest has the Akira toriyama style no matter how much graphics technology improves. The hardware is better now than it was before, but it still looks like Shenmue, if that makes sense.

I think it looks great. I say if Yu wants easy money, he should get Sony to ask Bluepoint to remake Shenmue I and II, though I think that would be difficult given the all of the in-game SEGA games and characters at the vending machines and arcade.

DJK1NG_Gaming237d ago

Uh no. The original Akira Toriyama art style is nothing like the current.
His original Dr. Slump, Dragon Warriors and Dragon Ball look nothing like his current style for Dragon Quest and Dragon Ball Super, Xenoverse and FigherZ (Majin 21)

DarXyde237d ago (Edited 237d ago )

You're telling me that you can't recognize that it's Toriyama's art style?

If you can recognize it, you acknowledge that his art style is somewhat the same.

If you cannot recognize it, I don't know what to say. Maybe you don't notice the nuances the way I (and probably most others) do? There are certain consistencies that make it obvious Toriyama had a hand in it.

We're getting off topic though. This is about Shenmue's art style.

neutralgamer1992237d ago


not playing this for graphic and i am not look at shenmue to have ultra real graphics. Shenmue 1-2 had their own distinct art style. Sega needs to release shenmue 1-2 HD collection

OmnislashVer36237d ago

Eh, looks good to me. Maybe not on the level of Sleeping Dogs graphically, but I can see the art style and it looks good to me.

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The story is too old to be commented.