Dissidia Final Fantasy NT Ultimate Collector's Edition Fulfills its Hefty Price Tag

The Dissidia Final Fantasy NT Ultimate Collector's Edition will drain your wallet but leave you with an abundance of exclusive Final Fantasy goods. Check out our unboxing here!

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masterfox326d ago

For the asking price and what if offers is definitely not worth it imo, not even for the diehard FF fan(like me). I mean if they put in the box sides images of a full character Noctis and Cloud and if they included figures of them inside that would be another story, but they just added a small bust ?, oh hell no! pass!

thatguyhayat326d ago

The price tag for that isn't worth it. If they price comes down i might get it but from what ive heard, the story mode is meh

InKnight7s325d ago

Its not even a good game, if they just added the 3v3 thing a on PsP battle pace it would do better, I mean people still support XV even though it had re story flaws but in general its pretty good game. This style doesn't suit console at all I would prefer it much faster with proper story campaign.