PS5 Forecasted for 2020 Launch,PS4 Sales Will Likely Be Great In 2019 But Down From 2018:NPD Analyst

The NPD Group's Mat Piscatella says there's "no need" for the PS5 to launch earlier.

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Nyxus237d ago

I agree, 2020 seems like a good time for the PS5, 2019 is still a great year in terms of games for the PS4: The Last of Us II, Death Stranding, Tsushima (presuming these games come out in that year). I do expect a PS4 price cut at E3.

cd1237d ago

I'm hoping for a late 2020 release, I don't see a decent bump in performance coming cheap before then.

The biggest news at E3 will be Borderlands 3 :)

DialgaMarine237d ago

Biggest? I have to disagree.

uptownsoul235d ago (Edited 235d ago )

Between the heavy-hitting releases over the next few years & PS5 at or around 2020...PlayStation is looking pretty darn good for the foreseeable future

FATAL1TY235d ago

2013 - TLOU + PS4

2016 - PS4 Pro

2019 - TLOU2 + PS5 (?)

DogJosha235d ago

Honestly we have reached a point that if 4k is going to be practical, then either we should have 2GB SSD at a decent price, or better yet a new physical media that can store 4k games and not have such slow read speeds. 2020 may be a bit early for that so a 2022 release would be best.

WilliamSheridan234d ago

2020 would see a 100-200% increase at best, and that's at $500 which Sony fans state is too high a price. 2022 is likely when we will see an affordable upgrade with decent specs.

cd1234d ago (Edited 234d ago )


I was talking about the biggest news for me - not you.


You think a 12.6TF GPU (a 200% increase) would be a small upgrade? Fair enough.

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Relientk77237d ago

Really hope it is 2020, no need to rush it out. Plenty of games still coming to PS4 and I'm still playing catch up on some.

zomayoba234d ago

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Belinker300235d ago

Naughty Dog already confirmed LOU2 is releasing 2018

UnSelf235d ago

2020 is too soon. This generation is so ADHD. I feel like the PS4 just came out

Xenophon_York235d ago

You must be getting old, man. Six-to-seven years has been the console generation gap for years. Hell, between gen five and six there was only a five year gap with Nintendo's console.

FITSniper234d ago

Well the reality is that this winter, it'll have been 5 years. November 2020 puts that at 7 years. A good time for a new console.

xtheblackparade235d ago

Death Stranding in 2019 seems really optimistic, but I hope you're right (as long as it's good).

SuperSonic91234d ago

FF VII R 3 episodes too every year or two.
PS4 is gonna last 7 to 10 years active until Feb 20 2023

SolidGear3234d ago

PS3 did the 10 year thing so I don't see why this wouldn't

SuperSonic91234d ago

PS5 will have two versions a home console only and a version with its own screen but both will be small and light enough like a laptop.

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Travis3708237d ago

I'm totally fine with a late 2020 release date. Around September or November would be great. Getting another 2-3 years out of my Pro is nice! We still got tons of heavy hitters coming in 2018-2019 I'm glad console generations are still continuing.

corroios237d ago

2020 will allow better ryzen cpu and a better gpu then 2019. Maybe from 8 to 10 in 2019 to 12 to 16 teraflops in 2020

OmnislashVer36237d ago (Edited 237d ago )

If you think you're getting 16TFLOPS you're crazy. You're asking for a $699-799 console bud. As much as I'd support it, that's unreasonable for everyone else.

9-10 most likely. DF is thinking a similar jump from PS4 to Pro because of the node switch.

Pantz237d ago

It's possible considering that Xbox One X already has some games that perform better than the PC versions.

yomfweeee237d ago

PS4 had 8 times the flops as PS3, so 16 TFLOPS isn't that far fetched. Prices will be down in 2 years.

Starman69237d ago (Edited 237d ago )

I agree. The xbox one x is ahead of its time with 6tf. If it had a cpu to match the gp then it wud be a £550 console for sure!! For ps5 to be 8-10tf with a beefy cpu then we will have to wait until 2020 I say. That's roughly when those specs will be a realistic £400 price to consumers 👍

AnubisG237d ago

I'm willing to pay even a $1000 for a top of the line hardware in the PS4. But I know most people wouldn't so I will not get my hopes up. We will see how many TF we will be getting.

AmstradAmiga235d ago

Pointless debating it as its gonna be whatever Sony can afford it to be. Did anyone predict the absolute crappy CPUs in the XB1 and PS4 this far ahead of their release. People would have been saying Cell 2 for PS4.

Master of Unlocking235d ago (Edited 235d ago )

9 to 10 Tflops wouldn'be big enough a technological gap for a system coming out in late 2020 when the Xbox One X is already at 6 Tflops. It managed to add 1,8 Tflops compared to the PS4 Pro while releasing only a year later. That wouldn't add up. Almost 3 more years in the making just to add 3 or 4 Tflops compared to the X? Nah, they (both MS & Sony) can and must come up with more than that.

DarkZane235d ago

I expect the PS5 to be at least 12 TFLOPS for $399.99. A GTX 1080 Ti has 11.3 TFLOPS at the moment, but in 2-3, the low-end cards that will be out then will have more than that. The XX50 or XX60 cards will have 12 TFLOPS in 2019 or 2020.

OmnislashVer36234d ago (Edited 234d ago )

Digital Foundry already did the damn math and a jump to 7nm will only double the power while making the console louder and bigger.

So for $399 you get 9 TFLOPS, $499 you get 12 TFLOPS.

You also have to consider RAM increase and HDD increase, and considering X1X is sold at a loss you're into $549-599 territory for 12 TFLOPS.

Lastly basing it on previous jumps is crazy. You stated PS4 was 8x but previous jumps were 40-50x between generations. The jumps get lesser with time.

Consider RAM. PS3 had 16x RAM of PS2. PS4 has 16x RAM of PS3. So by your logic we'd get 16x RAM again. That's 128GB, which is $500 on it's own. Basing this on last-gen's jump you're looking at a $1050 console. It's not happening.

I'm sticking by Digital Foundry. $399 and we'll be lucky for 9TFLOPS, $499 and we'll be lucky for 12.

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jznrpg237d ago

@AnubisG I’m with you but the market won’t be , so I am guessing 400-500$ s what the price range will be

ABizzel1237d ago

It will not be 8 TFLOPS, the PS5 will be around 12 - 15 TFLOPS with a much better CPU.

The Vega 64 GPUs are already in the 11 - 14 TFLOPS range depending on the cooling and clock speeds, and they're 2017 cards. AMD is preparing to go from their 14nm down to 7 nm cards, which should produce a potential 25% - 30% boost in performance for the upcoming 2018 Vega 2 cards.

PS5's architecture should be based off the 2019 Navi GPUs also using 7nm, which by then should max out performance on the architecture, with a couple of benefits from the 2020 GPUs. So by 2020 we're likely looking at 20 TFLOPS with standard 1 GHz clock for the high-end, which means mid-range should at minimum be 10 TFLOPS (most likely 12 TFLOPS, aka 2x the power of the XBO-X) and in the $200 budget range, which is what the PS5 will be aiming for.

UltraNova234d ago (Edited 234d ago )

Its unrealistic to expect current gen GPUs in consoles like Navi in 2020. We'll be lucky to get Vega 64 7nm and a decent Ryzen CPU. All we need to do is look at AMD'S APU roadmap.

Then there's the additional cost of RAM, will they go for 16gb RAM ? Will a 256gb SDD + 2tb 7200rpm HDD be a realistic expectation by 2020? What kind of a cooling system will they choose? Will it have the next evolution of 4K Bluray in terms of capacity and read speeds? Will Sony integrate PSVR 2's video processing unit within the console and how will it affect the final price?

Lots of questions I know. One thing's for sure though, Sony will get the best hardware they can for a 400 dollar box.

But, what if they release a 500-550 dollar Pro alongside the regular ps5? Think about it, why disrupt the market and devs mid gen when you can offer this choice from the get go and stick to the 5-6 year gen? I for one will probably wait for the ps5 pro now that I know its coming, I'm sure other people are too simply because I will not be spending 400 bucks every 3 years on a console. It makes sense for a simultaneous regular and pro release imho.

FITSniper234d ago

The reality is, if they are thinking a 2020 release, then they're finalizing the hardware specs this year.

FallenAngel1984237d ago

Seems reasonable that 2018 would be PS4’s peak year