Metal Gear Survive Review - IGN

Despite losing the soul of the series, there's fun in Survive's resource-gathering base-building loop and co-op action.

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mafiahajeri262d ago

Really think this is personal, it's as if Konami ls doing this out of spite.

FallenAngel1984261d ago

Yeesh this game has a 61 on Metacritic. Never seen a Metal Gear game get rated this low

Becuzisaid261d ago

Still haven't. Metal Gear this is not. Don't care what's on the cover.

Miss_Vixen261d ago

It's not a Metal Gear game without Kojima.

Blu3_Berry261d ago

It shouldn't even be allowed to get a score/grade.

Strange_Evil261d ago

I hope this games bombs Konami to oblivion. Charging 10 bucks for a save slot... Serves you right. 6.5 is generous IMO.

georeo261d ago

How can any one disagree? Guess they paid $30 for all the slots.

Amyellevivv261d ago

Not only that , pay for emotes, storage space , deployment, they really fucked up. But hey glad we already knew

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The story is too old to be commented.