Dwayne Johnson not included - Rampage Retrospective

Now that a movie based on Midway's classic giant monster arcade game is releasing for some strange reason, it's a good time to take a look back at the Rampage series. Get ready to kick a few buildings down and let's destroy this city!

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jznrpg327d ago

The game had almost no story , it will be interesting (I guess) to see what they add . I loved the game in the arcade

VideoChums327d ago

Story: a vitamin makes people turn into monsters. Deep stuff!

paintedgamer1984327d ago

Lol another game to big screen adaptation that noone asked for. Out of all the ideas hollywood could have chosen and they chose this. Even warcraft and assasins creed bombed, i dont know what makes them think this will not bomb as well.

VideoChums327d ago

I'm sure the movie will be terrible but I hope it's the kind of terrible that's fun to watch (ie: so bad that it's actually entertaining). Either way, I'm looking forward to watching it because you don't see many movies based on long-dead video game franchises - there hasn't been a new Rampage game in 12 years.

nevin1326d ago

Isnt The Rock having box office success?