Playstation Network maintenance on Tuesday 14th

Elixor, community team leader back on the official SCEE forums, has just announced that there will be a PSN maintenance tomorrow, tuesday october 14th. It will start at 21:00, and end on October 15th at 02:00

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Raoh3659d ago

is this in the UK only?

thank god its during work hours.

PirateThom3659d ago

Most likely it'll be worldwide.

chasuk083659d ago

Obviously the 2.5 firmware update

chaosatom3659d ago

something. because it's a month after.

Fishy Fingers3659d ago (Edited 3659d ago )

Doesn't Socom and the headset go on sale tomorrow? So the FW must come very soon as it's needed for the headset.

This coincides rather well wouldn't you say.

Still crossing my fingers for private chat.

Why o why3659d ago (Edited 3659d ago )



sorry i must of meant disagreed

Nitrowolf23659d ago

Socom out tomorro
FW is in the disc, so the fW will be tomorro or they will release it later this week for all user

RemmM3659d ago

because thats the day where supposedly an ''Alien spaceship'' supposed to show up in Alabama. Oct 14

Bnet3433659d ago

I don't mind maintenance but why announce this a day before? They have to announce this ahead of time so people can know ahead of time or do what Microsoft does and message the entire PSN with the same message.

-GametimeUK-3659d ago

"They have to announce this ahead of time"

They just did... shut up

AlienGorilla3659d ago (Edited 3659d ago )

So the maintenance is from 9 PM Tuesday to 2 AM Wednesday. Is that France time? Eastern Time? Pacific Time? Greenwich Mean Time?

The Forum is in French so can i Assume it's Central European Time which is 6 hours ahead of Eastern Standard Time?

If THAT's the case then the downtime is only 3 PM to 8 PM EST. That would be nice.

IdleLeeSiuLung3659d ago (Edited 3659d ago )

Shouldn't they announce this a little in advance than tomorrow we will do an update... see ya!

Also, couldn't they announce this in a more visible manner...

Am I missing something here? On the other hand, maybe they are just frantically trying to get things ready to compete with MS on November 19th? This doesn't seem like a usual way of doing things. Give us Home on 11/19 if not sooner!

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TheColbertinator3659d ago

Good thing it was before the R2 beta and LBP release.PSN should be completely different in scale by next month

lociefer3659d ago

aaaawwww i wanted to play mgo all day ><

3659d ago
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