PSN On The PSP - PSP Firmware 5.0 Hands On

Kombo writes, "Ever since the introduction of the PlayStation Network, I have been complaining about the PSP's inability to support its use. Well it looks like Sony is finally going to make me eat crow, as they announced full PSN integration into the newest PSP firmware update. Details on PSP firmware 5.0 had been lacking, but Joystiq was able to get hands-on time with the newest update while attending the Tokyo Game Show..."

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bgrundman3683d ago

The PSP is the best portable system available. Screw the DS!

LoVeRSaMa3682d ago

It would be a big push for games, I cannot wait until my PSP and PS3 are unified with the PSN.

This may also mean that Hacked PSP's will lose out on PSN, as I am sure they will be checks, a double wammy for Sony, but a large percentage of PSP users and buyers are from a broken community (hacked)

REPLOID243682d ago

all that effort to get these two integrated, when they could've used that time to add better features to ps3 and psn. get us video/audio messaging, cross-game invites, and so on first. ps3 should be sony's main priority from here on. very stupid people working for sony, I swear.