Dead Space 3 Retrospective: Revisiting Visceral's Sci-Fi Gem

It's going on 10 years since Visceral birthed Dead Space and here is a Dead Space 3 retrospective.

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PhoenixUp1215d ago

I really enjoyed Dead Space 3

Xenial1214d ago

I enjoyed it as well, it definitely fell under-par too it's predecessors - I however still enjoyed it, and it is a worthy Dead Space experience, I wish the community was not dead so I could replay and go for plat, but... that's gone. EA ruined the series.

Seraphim1213d ago

that reminds me. I really should go back and platinum DS2 and get what I can out of Dead Space 3. Got the platinum in Dead Space. Not sure if this was the result of time constraints and/or other games dropping but w/ Dead Space 2 and 3 I just never kept playing them to hammer out the remaining trophies. Of course right now I'm neck deep in Monster Hunter World so I'm not entirely sure when the next boredom, no games to play develops.

Smitty20201214d ago

Am going to be honest iv been meaning too lay the dead space games my backlog is just too great at the min

Einhander19711214d ago

Dead space 1 was absolutely amazing, dripping with atmosphere I almost dreaded playing it because it scared the hell out of me lol. 2 and 3 were ok but something was lost compared to the first.

TheOttomatic911214d ago

Agreed 1 was stellar, 2 I actually liked but I didn’t love and 3 was an abomination.

Seraphim1213d ago

The original of any new IP, virtually every time, seems to be phenomenal simply because it's something new. Dead Space 2 and 3 were solid games but especially with 3 I think they were trying too hard to make it something it wasn't or change things for the sake of doing so? Maybe even trying to move the niche horror genre more mainstream?They just took it in a different direction and while it was still good it just didn't work out for the better. Though it was still a solid game in it's own right. The great thing with an IP like Dead Space is that the simple format of DS1 with perfectly implemented Oh Shat moments is enough.

I certainly do miss these games and wish Visceral were able to continue making these or coming up with a new IP. And now Visceral, as it goes with EA and it's studios, is no more. If it's one EA game I'd support it would be a re-release or remaster of Dead Space 1-3 for $60. Or even $100 to get my hands on another plasma cutter; DS2 CE.

Sciurus_vulgaris1214d ago

I personally wouldn't call Dead Space 3 a gem. Its a good game, but, I feel Dead Space 3 is the weakest of the trilogy. While I don't think Dead Space 3 is good enough to be called a gem. I think its one of those over hated games, much like Perfect Dark Zero and several others.

TheRealTedCruz1214d ago

Dead Space 3, I thought, was really good? Weakest of the series? Definitely. The first was a phenomenal, original horror ip with a fantastic gameplay hook. The second cleaned up the rough edges of the first, turned up production values to 11, and sped everything up. The third ... well, was about two steps back for the series, but when the series is just that good, it still leaves you with an extremely solid product.

RIP Visceral.
You really were one of the greats, in my book.

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The story is too old to be commented.