Can Japan's Number One Xbox 360 Fanboy Justify His... Hair?

Jamzy is known for two things: Being Japan's number one Xbox 360 fanboy and his haircut. In this Justify, Jamzy doesn't defend his love of Microsoft's game console, but this zany, zany fanboy 'do.

Jump in for the video!

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Heldrasil3655d ago

besides the chunk his barber took out with his clippers, it looks like any normal "emo" haircut I see in the city. Can Kotaku justify this shi**y article and find something better to write about?

Shaka2K63655d ago

Those kids obviously have alot of issues poor souls i actually feel so sorry for them.


Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahah ahahahahahaha!

Heldrasil3655d ago

Mind if we see your hair?

....didn't think so.....