VideoGamer: Left 4 Dead Hands-On

There are lots of things to be excited about when it comes to Left 4 Dead. There's the über-cool B-movie concept, the bloody combat against a near-endless stream of zombies, and the ability to play alongside up to three of your mates. Then there's The Director - the AI force that mixes the level as you go along, ensuring that you'll never have the same experience twice. But after a drawn-out, flesh-munching morning with the game, VideoGamer can now suggest that its strongest feature is none of these things. Or to be more precise, it's all of them.

You see, Left 4 Dead's biggest success is that it totally sucks you in - so much so that you occasionally forget that you're playing a game at all. And when the game in question is one that drops you into the centre of a zombie-infested meltdown, this makes for quite an experience.

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Monchichi0253660d ago

I Want this game SOOOO EFFIN BAD!!! I LOVE Gears of War but reading this article probable makes me want this game even more!!!

November cannot come soon enough!