‘Ghostbusters World’: Which Ghosts Will You Bust?

FourThirtyThree Inc. released a teaser trailer for the latest augmented reality game, 'Ghostbusters World.' Details are slim, but based on the 'Ghostbusters' franchise, these are the ghosts players can expect to bust.

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NecrumOddBoy287d ago

Greg Miller is freaking out right now

yufu287d ago

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FullmetalRoyale287d ago

All I know is that I ain’t afraid of no ghost.

opinionated287d ago

“Like Pokémon go” 😒 No thanks. I was super hyped until I read that.

AmstradAmiga287d ago

My kids had a blast with Pokemon Go. Was also the first time they begged their mum and I to take them out and about. Got to meet lots of interesting people we otherwise would not have. All it did was cost us our time...

opinionated287d ago

A kid doesn’t appreciate ghostbusters like we would though.

AmstradAmiga287d ago

Exactly, which is why I'm really looking forward to giving this a go. Costs me nothing but my time again.

opinionated287d ago

Hey that’s cool dude, you don’t have to convince me lol. A monster hunter type co-op game popped in my head so you can understand the letdown of such an opposite reveal.

yellowgerbil287d ago

They could of saved their money and released ecto cooler. Would make them more money than a bargain bin game

TheGamersGhost287d ago

Pokémon Go earned Niantic $600 million. This is unlikely to earn that much, but there’s value in AR mobile gaming and Ghostbusters still has a lot of pull.

BlackDoomAx286d ago

Bustin makes me feel good !