Shining Resonance Refrain Won't Be Censored in the West; Switch Version Will Run at 1080p Docked

Sega promises that Shining Resonance Refrain won't have any cuts, talks about an upcoming demo, resolution on Nintendo Switch, and More.

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GameBoyColor237d ago

All around great news for everbody. Sega has been doing so many things right(except sonic).

DarXyde237d ago

I'm of the opinion that Sonic Team is SEGA's red-headed stepchild.

Atlus is the foster kid they adore.

Derceto237d ago

Not a fan of this series or anything myself, but, glad to see games being released without worry of the big bad western population backlash.

Make the game you want to make. Whether it does or does not have anything controversial, so long as it's what you envisioned all along.

More than tired of the western whining resulting in having things "softened" for our sensitive little western minds.

Turn on the TV on any given night, and witness western hypocrisy. Sex and violence ALL over the place. What's fine for TV and movies, apparently is not for games. Brilliant.

FinalFantasyFanatic237d ago

This will be my first time playing the series but I do agree with your points, I'm quite happy with games to contraversial but games still carry the for kids stigma for some reason. I think society just developed too many soft snowflakes.

TheColbertinator237d ago

Thank you Sega. A Steam preorder is in the works.

Trueflames237d ago

Ready for an xbox pre order

Teflon02237d ago

Not sure why I never knew about this game but will be getting on ps4. Hopefully upgraded on pro, since most Japanese games seem to say they do but don't really

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