Metal Gear Survive review: 'Basically a more grown up version of Don't Starve' | GamesRadar

A decent survival game with a rewarding, if uninspired, grind to its resource collecting and base management.

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killswitch80328d ago

LMAO this game is nothing like Don't Starve

rdgneoz3328d ago

Does not deserve to be mentioned in the same sentence as Don't Starve. Only reason for any attention it is getting is the metal gear name.

GamesMaster1982328d ago

No it ain’t . It’s better . Most Pussys like you won’t be able to handle the difficulty

doos_vd_kak328d ago

"most pussy's like you"

Wow everyone we have a main oke over here! Enjoy paying for an extra save slot, idiot.

Anthotis328d ago

"Basically a crap and balls version of Don't Starve"


zeal0us328d ago

Not beats having to pay for extra save slots. People need to hit Konami with the EA treatment.

Darkwatchman328d ago

And statements like this are why people don’t take mainstream gaming media seriously

Belinker300328d ago

What happened to the 'True 4k' beast One X .Only 1440p

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