Final Fantasy XV DLC Will Continue Through 2018 With Four New Episodes

Final Fantasy XV has gotten more after release support than most games get, but Square Enix is keeping the good times rolling with four more DLC episodes.

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-Foxtrot331d ago

Why? Seriously it’s had enough.

I get content is great but the game was highly unfinished and always will can’t fix a story like that

I’d rather they just put their resources to KH3, the FFVII Remake and FFXVI

DarkOcelet331d ago

Am pretty sure they have more than enough resources to make those 3 games and continue making stuff for this game. As much as I hate the fact that a lot of content was left out, I am happy they are continuing to support it and add more story content. At least now we will get an Ardyn focused episode which will be awesome.

_-EDMIX-_331d ago


I don't really see me going back to this game in the near future but I'm definitely happy to hear they're adding a bunch of free content for those who do like the game.

bigmalky331d ago

And the reason why we only see mainline games in the FF and KH series every 10 years now. FF XV was not worth that wait.

Their resources spend too much time on side series guff and DLC to make a great game. Not an acceptable, good or alright game, but a return to FFs pedigree of the 90s and early 2000s.

_-EDMIX-_331d ago

"I get content is great but the game was highly unfinished and always will be.."

? I don't even understand what this means, so what you're saying is you recognize the game is missing content but you're also criticizing the game for adding free content saying that it won't solve the game having missing content?

🤔🤔🤔&# 129300;🤔 Uuuuummmmm ooook

They're already putting their resources in Final Fantasy 16 likely with a completely full team I don't even think you even know how many developers are even making this content for all you know it's so little that it actually doesn't affect the next Final Fantasy even remotely.

Kingdom Hearts 3 is also being made by a different team so I have no clue why you think that's relevant, Final Fantasy 7 remake is also being made by a different team that did not actually make Final Fantasy 15.

vigakahesa330d ago

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GamesMaster1982331d ago

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Vegamyster331d ago

I haven't played the game yet, i'll be picking it up on Steam in a couple weeks so i'm happy about this.

Cha0tik331d ago

It doesn't matter if he doesn't like it or if he does. The resources that could be used on another game are being wasted on this game again.

Vegamyster331d ago

I hardly consider it a waste if it ends up being good and people enjoy it.

_-EDMIX-_331d ago

@cha-except it's not an either-or

it's clear that square could do both.

SuperSonic91331d ago

The game was never finished to begin with Unfortunately this os a sign of things to come with KH3 and FF 7 R hence the episodic nature of the game

Will be waiting for the Definitive Complete Edition.

_-EDMIX-_331d ago


There's nothing to prove that this is normal in regards to their development structure I mean for god sakes Final Fantasy 15 development cycle by no means is something normal.

You're basically taking something that is happened with one of their games and you're now trying to apply it to every game they're ever going to release completely ignoring its troubled development.

You could wait for the definitive edition of any game that's ever going to moot.

I'm sorry but I don't understand the criticism of the game not having enough content or being unfinished just to complain about the downloadable content that's actually releasing for free.

PlayableGamez-331d ago

Oh look at this bedroom developer. Let Square Enix do whatever they want with their games you have the right to not play them if you don't want to. So just stop bitching.

-Foxtrot331d ago

Says the guy having a little birch at me

Least my opinion is on the topic.

Sucks when someone like yourself can’t take your own shitty advice

Must be hard for you...

Steveoreno1330d ago

Couldn't agree more. I remember when we use to get all the content in the base FF games

Viryu330d ago

Your definition of "unfinished" is different from mine. I've finished the game 100% trophy wise shortly after it was released, and outside of certain things that might have been changed, it had plenty of content. To a point where I've even omitted couple extra post game dungeons, since it was more than enough for me. And we should be happy that the dev is adding extra stuff and plenty of patches with small free content, or even story additions after release. Few companies actually bother to do that. The DLCs that are being released are simply side stories that they are doing after the game was released, so that's also a nice touch. To be honest, I think that this game was more finished than many other games that were released *cough*Andromeda*cough*.

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FallenAngel1984331d ago

As long as it’s covered by the current Season Pass I’m ok with it

Eiyuuou331d ago

It probably won't be. It's SE.

SoulMikeY330d ago

Doesn’t matter who it is, the season is over. Therefore new season pass.

Chaosdreams331d ago

I'm exhausted by this title, but when it's finally "done" I'll give it another play through.

tulholdren331d ago

Work on FFXVI already. Hoping they get it right from the start.

_-EDMIX-_331d ago

I don't know what Final Fantasy 16 has to do with this they likely have an entire full team working on that game for years now....

I think Gamers need to be more educated on how game development works because there seems to be this massive misconception about downloadable content you literally have Gamers believe that the downloadable content is somehow holding back an entire full game ,here's a hint the next time you beat a game I want you to take a peek at the credits for the downloadable content team..😎

Also understand that the people who create the design the concept the story The Artist what have you are actually done with their portions of the game sometimes a year or even two years before the games release if not more.

GamesMaster1982331d ago (Edited 331d ago )

Well 15 for me was a excellent game, a few unanswered things ,but still a great game . Hate if you want you have that right, as has everyone else. But me , apart from the easy combat 1 or 2 button spamming controls . I really enjoyed the game more control and fighting options would of been better, but story was good and a tear jearker

_-EDMIX-_331d ago


I actually think it was a quality game of course I think it's story is just crazy and could have been better but overall I actually think it was a solid release.

blackblades331d ago (Edited 331d ago )

So I wonder what they gonna call the new complete edition after the royal edition comes. Guess I'll be picking up next year if it ever finish.

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